Be Gone Evil Soft Top

Well my days of drop top driving are a thing of the past now … Well not really, But you know what I mean. On the weekend, I decided that it was time to remove my soft top. I had a general idea of how to remove one, But I double checked online just in case I was missing something, Fortunately I came across Adam’s ( website. There’s a pretty good tutorial written on there about removing the soft top. I did the exact same thing that Adam has done too.

So, Driving Sports – Twilight Drift is this weekend, And there’s still a few little things I need to sort out before then.

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The Twilight Drift Saga Continues

Yesterday was another Driving Sports “Twilight Drift”event that Adan and I attended. Once again, it went off without a hitch! I managed to get some in-car footage too, But I do need a bigger capacity memory card, As I only managed to record 3-4 runs.

Adan ended up trying out the peanut, While I stuck to the skidpan. The extra lock obtained with the iConcept tie rods is quite noticeable. It’s helped me keep control of the car better, And reduced the change of running out of lock. I think I only spun out a handful of times. This is a must do for any Roadster owner planning to do some drifting, Get yourself some tie rods!

The only little drama I had, My gauges were acting up, There must be a loose earth somewhere. The car didn’t seem to like light load either, Seemed to sort itself out towards the end of the night though.

Heres some vid’s of the night. (Yeah I still need to get an embedding option!)

Oh, My Beatrush PPF brace arrived yesterday from Beatrush themselves. Amazing quality piece. I’ll do a review on that shortly.

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Twilight Drift Pictures

Heres a few pictures of the RG MX-5 in action at the latest Driving Sports event. Hopefully I’ll have a camera mount for next event so I can get some in-car footage.

Thanks Khoa, And Luke for getting these shots.

Loose Ends

Today I spent some time doing the little things. I needed some more clearance on parts of the guards as is was scrubbing pretty bad on big bumps. My guard rollers still broken, so I resorted to the trusty mallet, some news paper, and my hands. It ended up working well surprisingly.

I also painted the mounting points of the engine damper, Being exposed metal and all, It wasn’t long until they had some surface rust. A quick sand and spray later and they were as good as new, They look a little nicer too.

I still need to adjust my steering wheel (it’s off centered), And my shortshifter seems to be vibrating at high RPM’s, I’ll check that out too. That’s all to report really, The next Twilight drift night is 2 weeks away, So I’m trying to sort out all the little bugs lurking in the car before then.

Full Steam Ahead

The Driving Sports twilight drift event was awesome! I had an absolute blast. Great atmosphere, low waiting times, and lots of sliding is what It’s all about. Adan and I squeezed in at least 10 runs on the night, And it had us begging for more. I was the lone MX-5 at the event, and the only car rocking top down all night. I’ll be at next months event for sure, hopefully I’ll be a little more prepared next time too.

So anyway, the night managed to mangle my rear tyres pretty badly. I thought about it briefly and figured I’d get some second-hand tyres for the Superlites. I managed to get a pair of Fire Stone’s for under $100 … Score!

As soon as I got home, It was time to mount them to the car. I’m pretty happy with the result, The blue goes well with the car colour, and the tyre profile is just a tad bigger then the 195/50’s. It was just what I was after. Saying that though, It needs to go a tad lower.

That’s not all I did today, I ended up fitting the bomex bumper too. Fitment is … ok, The passenger side’s fitment is pretty spot on. The driver’s side isn’t so good. Still, it’s good enough for me, Hell the factory bumper didn’t even line up properly.

Oh yeah, Yesterday the sideskirts rocked up at work. These weren’t so bad fitment wise, but needed to be trimmed down in a few places.

All fitted up using nothing more than a bunch of cable ties, And race tape. I want to see if I have any problems with the way I have fitted it before I paint the kit.

I’ll be looking for another pair of second-hand tyres for the Superlites, sort out the height and get a wheel alignment. Paint the kit and do some more skids.

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