Roadster Of The Week – Kelly’s MX-5

Article written by: Adam Zitka & Kelly
Photography by: Boony – Deadstock Photography

This NA8 is one stunning Roadster, The owner has gone for the “Less is more” approach in terms of modifying, And as you can clearly see it’s working! This Roadster isn’t an American car, Nor European, It’s from the land down under, It’s based in New South Wales to be precise.

“Why I bought an MX-5:

Well after having my DC2R written off, I needed a new car. At first I was tossing up between an SW20 MR2 and the MX-5, but after seeing all the pics of the slammed Miatas from the states, I knew I had to have one.

  I spent a couple of months looking for the perfect mx5, I wanted something in immaculate condition and surprisingly that was quite hard to find. Black was my colour of preference, but the condition of this one was too good to pass on. I bought it within 24 hours of it coming up for sale.”

Kelly has done well with his Roadster, Only performing stubble touches all round. The exterior is blessed with a Garage Vary front lip, OEM hardtop and most recent addition, A KG works rear spoiler.

Your probably wondering what wheels are on Kelly’s MX-5 right? Well they are from a company called “Simmons” which was based in Australia, Unfortunately they have closed up shop and Simmons wheels are no longer in production. These particular Simmons wheels are a model called V4 which were designed and created a very long time ago.

Kelly scored these set of wheels off a fellow Roadster owner, And I imagine they would be pretty hard to find now without paying an arm and a leg. These V4’s are sized in at 14×6.5 with positive 7 offset. However these don’t clear the NA8’s brakes, So Kelly has slipped on some 5mm spacers all round, Effectively making the offset positive 2.

 The tyres wrapped around the Simmons are a set of Falkens with 195/45 sizing. This allowed Kelly to get super dooper low without the worry of scrubbing on the guards.

Although it might not seem like it, Kelly’s Roadster is set up for track work, The previous owner used to get out there quite often. Kelly is hoping to do the same very shortly.

You’ll notice the Australian made BD roll bar making itself visible. It is a very popular Rollbar down under as they are CAMS approved which means it’s usable for competitive racing. A pair of Whiteline (Which are also Australian made) swaybars are hiding under the bodywork too. A set of BC Racing coilovers happen to installed into this MX-5 too, Giving Kelly a vast range of adjustability, Damping and height wise.

I’ve always admired how clean Kelly has managed to keep his Clubman. I mean look at this interior, It still has the OEM head unit installed! Only minor touches have been carried out in the cockpit like the brushed aluminium vent rings and polished Voodoo gear knob, Though Kelly does still have a Mazdaspeed steering wheel to install. It doesn’t get much cleaner then Kellys!

“Future Plans:

Nothing outrageous planned for this car yet, I’m going to follow a ‘less is more’ theme with the modifying. Exterior wise I think it’s pretty much complete, just need to add a rear lip of some type. Interior, there’s not too much planned for it. Just restoring everything to near new condition.

Then, I want to lightly tuck the engine bay so everything looks neat and tidy. In terms of performance, don’t have too much planned. Maybe a turbo kit when I’m on my fulls, and money permits. Hopefully I’ll get to take the car out sliding sometime soon.”

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Congrats Kelly, You are the Roadster Of The Week!



– Garage Vary Front Lip
– Simmons V4 Wheels
– Matching Hardtop
– KG Works Lip Spoiler


– Mania Cold Air Intake
– Exedy HD Clutch
– Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
– Auto-Exe Exhaust
– BC Coilovers
– Whiteline Adjustable Swaybars Front/Rear


– Factory Nardi Steering Wheel
– Voodoo Polished Gear Knob
– Brushed Aluminium Vent Rings
– Brown Davis Roll Bar
– Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel (still to go in)


Random Snap – 021

Here’s an old picture of Urban’s NB way before he installed the bomex bumper and Demon Camber wheels. It’s still one of the best NB’s around IMO.

Random Snap – 016

Rob’s NB has changed hands recently, It’s good to see the new owner keeping it similar to what Rob had it.

Weekend Photoshoot

Well today I decided to give the car a wash and take some snaps of it. Thanks panda for coming out and giving me a hand <3.

This will probably be the last time the car will be clean until the kit is painted.

Enjoy the photos guys!

Roadster Of The Week – Tribute To Jay’s Miata

It was rather hard deciding what pictures to use for the main feature, It would be a shame  to let  the incredible pictures supplied from both Dilly and Jay to go to waste, its only fair to have big pictures of them for fellow Roadster fans to enjoy.

Roadster Of The Week – Stance is everything!

Words: Adam Zitka
Pictures: Dilly & Jay

This week, we have a very special Miata from the So-cal scene to grace the pages. You could say that this Roadster is the successor to Peter Li’s famous red NA, but we all know that Jay’s NA8 holds its own.

Jay has owned his Roadster for roughly 2 years now, he purchased it from his friend’s friend. 3 weeks after he had bought it, he crashed it.

“After that, I realized that safety should be my primary concern, so I got a roll bar. The paint didn’t seem like it was worth fixing, so I just spray canned it, and left it. Anyways, everyone knows that battle scars are fun. There’s always a story behind every scar.”

Just having a quick glance at this Brilliant Black Miata shows the amazing ride height and wheel fitment that it has. The chrome wheels really pop against the dark hue of this NA8. The wheels are none other than  Work Eurolines, in 15×8 – 5 sizing. The tyres wrapped around the Works are a set of Toyo T1R in 195/45/R15.

The rest of the exterior is compiled by a rather mangled Autokonexion front lip, OEM R-Package rear lip, OEM mud guards, and a hardtop.

“I’ve been through about 8 different suspension setups, and 6 different sets of wheels, this latest set were from a good friend – Peter Li. You’ve probably seen them on his red Miata.”

It just goes to show that when your playing the slammed game, experimentation is what gets the results you are after.

So whats the secret to getting this Miata so low? Believe it or not, a set of STD coilovers that have been modified for terrorising the pavement.

The interior has been slightly revamped, with a Sparco steering wheel, Eunos Roadster gear knob, an Aero design drivers seat, and a Hard Dog Single Diagonal Roll Bar.

The engine has also had some basic breathing mods, like a thermal R&D exhaust, Magnaflow Muffler and Racing beat intake.

Thats all that’s needed to create a great driving experience, even better.

“I’m planning on changing it all up again, so this is quite probably the last time people will actually see my car on the road like this.”

We can’t wait to see what you do next Jay.

There were so many pictures that could have been used, but unfortunately there is only so many we can pick. However there is a tribute to all the pictures that didn’t make the cut below.

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Congrats Jay, your this weeks ROTW!

Roadster Of The Week – Breezy’s Decked NB

Less is more this week, thanks to Breezy’s “So-cal” low Roadster. Ok ok, it has New Jersey number plates, but John is temporarily residing in Southern Cali.

Breezy purchased the emerald green stunner in the summer of 07, from the original owner. The car was completely stock with very low mileage.

“It’s only until this past year or so when I really started making progress with the modifications to get it where I want it. I am really pleased with the results and it’s pretty much exactly where I want to be, for the time being, at least. Of course, we never know when we are truly “finished” with a car, right? I guess we’re never really finished.”

Now I remember just a few months ago seeing the beginning of this build, and I had high expectations at the time. Now seeing the recent pictures I’ve been blown away.

The height, the wheels, the stance in general, it’s … incredible!

Slamming the car to the pavement are brought to you by Tein Basic Coilovers, those wheels bolted onto the hubs on the NB, are the Aussie made Superlight GTR’s. With a 15×8 -4 Offset for sizing. And they sit pretty sweet on John’s Roadster.

Giving the NB that mega aggressive look are a pair of Garage Vary eyelids, the OEM front lip adds a nice touch to the front of the car too. There are some other little touches that make the NB a standout, like the short antenna, tinted tail lights, and modified OEM muffler.

John, somehow has added some under carriage bracing, some Flyin Miata frame rail braces to be exact, how well they hold up to the ride height I don’t know!

“I used to care about mileage accumulation on my previous cars (and on my Miata when I first got it). The way I see it now, a car is meant to be driven and enjoyed. This is not a collector car or extremely rare, for that matter.”

No doubt, Breezy drives in style, with a Miata like this, it would be sure to put a smile on his face every time he jumps in the driver’s seat.

Congratulations John, you are the Roadster Of The Week!