Roadster Of The Week – Steven’s NB Miata

Article by: Adam Zitka
Photography by: Steve D

This sleek black NB is from Dallas, Texas in the US of A, And I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while for now. I contacted Steve some time ago about getting his Roadster on the blog, And finally … It is!

“I bought the car in the fall of 2006. It was bone stock but I had a vision for it. See, I came from a long line of high-performance, highly modified cars. I had worked my way up from a 1986 Toyota MR2 through 3 more MR2’s (one being a very nicely modded MK2 Turbo) on to a 300whp bugeye Subaru WRX and then a fancy-schmancy Mercedes C32 AMG. Pretty much everyone I know thought I was crazy when I sold the luxury rocket ship AMG to get a ’99 Miata with 114k miles on it. They just didn’t see what I saw when I looked at it.”

This is one mean looking Roadster, The Garage Vary eyelids are partly responsible for creating a rather happy looking car, Appear angry and aggressive. A Garage Vary front lip also helps with the aggressive appearance that Steve’s NB has. Other exterior modifications consist of a OEM hardtop, “Large” OEM Side skirts, And “Small” OEM mud guards.

The set of wheels on Steve’s NB are a set of Rota Grid off roads, However for track events he switches to a set of 949Racing 6UL’s.

Once upon a time, Steve’s interior was cream from factory. So Steve swapped it out for the standard black trim. Along with that he installed a set of Sparco Speed seats and a set of Ultrashield 5 point harness’s. Steve also has a couple of Autometer sport gauges to monitor the vitals.

“Before I even bought the car I knew I’d go with boost. I had planned on going the turbo route since I was way more familiar with that than with superchargers. Gary from Track Dog Racing – located here in Dallas, TX – convinced me otherwise while I was standing in his back yard talking shop one day. I’m glad he did. While the 210whp that my car currently makes may not sound like a lot, the way it’s delivered from the MP62 supercharger is brilliant. It drives like a strong V6 car instead of like a small turbo’ed 4-banger. Power and torque are linear, predictable and available down low in the revs. It makes going balls out a whole lot more fun.”

You read right, There’s a MP62 Supercharger bolted to the BP4W engine, Which is currently running at 10PSI. To help run this boost safely, A TDR intercooler has been installed, Along with a set of 350cc injectors. A Jackson Racing header, And a Racing Beat exhaust system has been installed, Which reduces flow and increases power further.

 This is controlled by the well-known Greddy E-manage Ultimate. Steve has had some problems with the drivetrain holding up the extra power, So he has had the PPF reinforced and has upgraded the clutch.

“What I saw back then is what everyone else sees now. A car that’s equally as comfortable on the track as it is at a show. It turns corners and heads in equal measure.”

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Steve, You are the ROTW!


Engine & Drivetrain:

Jackson Racing MP62 Supercharger
Jackson Racing header
Racing Beat Midpipe & Muffler
350cc Injectors
Greddy E-manage Ultimate
TDR intercooler
Spec Stage 2 clutch/lightened stock flywheel

Wheels & Suspension:

Tein Basic Coilovers
Racing Beat Sway Bars
Mazdaspeed Motor Mounts
Reinforced PPF
Stage II Clutch
Lightened OEM Flywheel
Superpro Diff Mounts
Hard Dog Roll Bar
Rota Grid Offroads w/ 215/40 Maxxis tyres
949Racing 6UL 15×9 w/ 225/50 NT01 tyres


Garage Vary Eyelids
Garage Vary Front Lip
OEM Hardtop
OEM “Large” Sideskirts
OEM “Small” Mud Guards
Smoked Tail Lights, Reflectors & Indicators


Black Interior
Sparco Speed Seats
Ultrashield 5pt Harness’s
Rev Limiter Gauges
Soft Top Deleted



Three words can sum up this months EOMM … What a meet! It was massive, Literally hundreds of cars. The venue filled up quick, So it left a lot of cars on the side streets. It would have to be the biggest JDMST meet to date for sure!

Good on you JDMST & THE-LOWDOWN for organising such an epic meet!

I managed to get some shots, I couldn’t cover all the cars unfortunately, There were just too many.  I hope you enjoy these. 

There were a fair few Roadsters out and about today too, Hopefully I can get a handful of them on

A Roadster Has Fallen

Some may remember this Roadster from a recent ROTW. Anyway, Chris had an accident in it not too long ago, And has decided to part the car out. Here’s a few pictures of the carnage that went on.

Hitting a concrete pole at 80km/h an hour will cause this kinda damage. It’s good to know that Chris is ok though (bar a few cuts and stitches), It could have been a lot worse.

To check out whats left on his car, Check this out.

The Low Down & JDMST August EOMM

Sorry for the super short notice, But if you have a few hours spare tomorrow, Be sure to head out to western Sydney to check out the low down & JDMST’s infamous end of month meets (EOMM). Normally, There are a stack of Roadster owners that crash the meet, Being one of the most same make cars out there, And I doubt this one will disappoint! I’ll be there with some stickers too, So if you’ve been after one, Nows your chance to get it.

“Put this in your diaries, stick a note on your fridge, call your mates, tell your neighbours – this months EOMM is one you don’t want to miss.

Come out with your car and spend the (hopefully sunny) afternoon talking shop, admiring wheels and eating snags with and JDMST.

Where: Autotechnik Tuning, 3/332 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons.

When: Sunday, August 29th @ 11AM

Autotechnik Tuning have been supplying quality JDM bits for years, and they’ve opened the doors of their complex to host our meet this month. On display will be brand new stock from AME, Enkei, Rays, Weds, and Work, plus gear from Bride, Project Kics, Fujita, Nardi and more.

The boys from THE-LOWDOWN will take charge of a BBQ to bring you sausage sandwiches and cold drinks for lunch. Get a group together and come out in force.”

Check out further info, Here.

Carbing Strut Brace

As some may know, Rod from Tetsuya Garage has been on vacation for a while. Now he is back in Japan and finding dope parts for fellow Roadster owners to fight for.

Anyway, I’ve been after a Carbing brace for the rear end of the car for a while now, And well as soon as I saw it on Rod’s blog … I bought it.

Twilight Drift Photos

Heres some pictures I found of my car in action last week. Thank you Daniel G for taking these awesome pics!

Roadster Of The week – Charlie’s NA6

Article by: Adam Zitka
Photography by: Rory – DownShift  

This weeks ROTW is a home-grown NA6 from Australia’s northern state … Queensland. Charlie, The owner bought this car early this year in stock form, Fast forward a few months and this is what Charlie has turned his Roadster into, It doesn’t seem like he is planning on slowing down either!      

“The reason I wanted to buy a mx5 in the first place was when I was just browsing the JDMST forum looking at the pic thread and falling in love with the low and wide look most of the dope MX5’s have today. From then on I knew I had to have one and started researching about them, even planning out what I was going to do if/when I got one”.

“I saw one for sale and instantly put my car for sale as well. I finally sold my car and took the 5 for a test drive and straight away everything that I read was true, So I bought it”.

It’s amazing how stubble touches can really change how a car looks, particularly an NA Roadster. Charlie’s NA6 is wearing a Garage Vary front lip, Autokonexion rear spoiler and A set of M2 runabout mirrors. The mirrors were out of coincidence really, You see someone kicked a soccer ball into Charlie’s drivers side mirror, And he thought instead of replacing it, He’ll go for the set of mirrors he always wanted.  

Those gold wheels really work well against the car hey? They are a set of Axis OG OldSkools, With 15×8 +25 sizing. Charlie wasn’t completely happy with the offset though, So he recently bolted a set of 15mm spacers on all four hubs, Effectively making the wheels +10 in offset. A set of Kumho KU31 tyres with 195/50 sizing, Are wrapped around the OG’s.  

The overall stance of the car wouldn’t have been achievable if it weren’t for the BC racing coilovers that Charlie installed. These coils are proving to be the best bang for your buck out there, Offering a great monotube design that offers vast adjustments of damping and height, At a rather small price. 

Interior modifications on Charlie’s NA6 have been kept minimal so far. Only the necessities have been changed. A Sparco Sprint currently replaces the driver’s seat, A Skunk2 gear knob helps improve shifting feel, And 330mm Nardi Classic replaces the tired, Worn OEM Momo steering wheel.  

Charlie hasn’t left a stone unturned with his Roadster. With the plan of his MX-5 seeing the track occasionally, Charlie has started stiffening up the chassis.  A front strut brace, Whiteline sway bar and pair of  Boss Frog “Frog Arms” stiffen the front end. A MX5 Plus torque box roll bar help stiffen the cabin, And another Whiteline sway bar along with a Flyin’ Miata subframe brace tighten up the rear end.

Looking at the above picture, Your probably wondering what or rather, Why that big P is hanging on Charlie’s roll bar. Well, Down under it’s a compulsory item for new drivers and it needs to shown on the car at all times if you are a “Provisional” driver (That’s what the P stands for). Lucky for Charlie, He only has one more year left until he is no longer a “P Plater”. 

With Roadsters dropping in price over here, It’s only a matter of time until the world will see more dope MX-5’s coming from down under. 

“For future plans I was starting to get a turbo kit, And started piecing the parts together (Ie. Diff etc). But due to a loss of license I’m thinking aobut doing a full exhaust, A little more suspension work then just track it more. I would like to be able to get to the limits of the car, Before adding more power”.

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congratulations Charlie, You are the Roadster Of The Week!


Engine &Drivetrain:

Late model 1.6 engine
Advanced Timing (14 deg)
MX-5 mania cold air intake
Arc Enlarged intake
Modified factory exhaust
White and red rocker cover       

 Wheels and Suspension:  

15 x 8 +25 OG Oldskools
15mm spacers all round
Kuhmo KU31 tyres
BC Coilovers
Front Strut Brace
Mx5 plus torque box roll bar
Boss Frog ‘Frog Arms’
Secret element tie rods
Flyin Miata rear subframe brace
Whiteline Adjustable sway bars
1.8 brakes    


GV front lip
M2 runabout mirrors
Tow hooks
Autokonexion CF bootlid spoiler     


 Bride Zeta II
Sparco Sprint Bucket
Skunk2 gearknob
330mm Nardi Classic