Static Saturday!

Well today was a busy day for both me and the missus. We woke up early in the morning and went on our way to Just Jap in Kirrawee. You see, “Panda” (as I like to call my missus) has been wanting spacers for her S14 for a long time, And she finally decided that today, She was to buy them.

So anyway I fitted them up for her, And the wheels now sit perfectly, Just a bit of poke and the sidewall is caressing the inner guard. The spacers effectively change the offset to +13.

So after I finished playing with the S14, I drawed my attention to the Roadster. Seeing I rocked it top down all night, I did get a little wet. So I needed to air it out. One thing that worried me though was that I managed to get a fair bit of water in the boot, Which I’ll need to look at before the next event.

Anyway, I took Panda as a passenger for the night but only had the one helmet. So I loaned my buddy Lionel’s helmet, Which just happened to be an open face. I decided to use it for the night, and fell in love with it. So after we finished up at Just Jap, We headed off to The Helmet Warehouse and picked up this approved RXT helmet for only $79.95! This was the exact helmet I wore last night, And was extremely comfortable throughout the night.

I didn’t grab much for myself at Just Jap, Just some silicone joiners for an idea I had. Some might remember my previous setup for the 3 inch joiners onto the AFM (If not, Check this out), But this seemed to be rather ineffective as when the tape would gain heat, It would become soft and change shape, Resulting in blocking the AFM and killing the car’s performance. So the plan was to use a 2.5 inch jointer and cut it so it sits snug on the AFM, and clamp the 3 inch joiner onto that.

This works like a charm! I no longer need to worry about the tape deforming and blocking stuff up.

So yeah, thats what I got up to today. Hopefully I’ll find some snaps of the Roadster in action and I can get them up here!

Stick around!


Touch That Shit Up


Well yesterday I decided to get to work on the K11 intake, the previous owner had sprayed the original red piping, black … and unfortunately, He didn’t do a very good job. So out came the sand paper, wax and grease, and my favorite rattle can … VHT Engine Enamel – Flat Black. However, that’s not all I decided to paint.

I’ve been meaning to get rid of this shitty fake carbon look for quite a while now, and I finally came around to doing so.

Skip into the night, and a few minutes later everything was painted and ready to dry.

I left it overnight as is. Then today, as soon as I woke up, I went to have a look how everything went. It seemed to come out pretty good, so I mounted the parts back onto the cars.

The mirrors look a thousand times better now!

This was the first time I fitted the intake to the Panda, it looks stacks better than the filter mounted directly on the throttle body that’s for sure! It should offer more lower end torque too. Tomorrow, hopefully I will roll the guards, delete the rear wiper, and paint the engine cover black and white.

Stick around!

Basic Manipulation

Well I’ve noticed that the MX-5 is running a little hotter than it used to, so I thought I’d better put the under panel and cooling shroud back into place … but to do that, I needed to modify it to adapt the intake piping.

So out came the jack stands, and I began measuring where to cut, so I needed to detach the intake and piping to fit the shrouds back together.

Next was the radiator shroud, being a thicker plastic,  the scissors couldn’t cut it. So out came the side cutters. I did some more measuring and cutting and it ended up looking something like this.

Its been moved over to the right since this picture, nice and tucked away too.

So yeah, that’s what I did today, nothing exciting.

On another note, that Apexi ECV I ordered 3 weeks ago still hasn’t been shipped, not happy!

Currently trolling Yahoo Japan for some dope parts, but have come up short.

It’s been one of those weeks.

True Cold Air

Ok, today I decided that I would revise my intake … again.

So off I went with the missus to Just Jap to get some more piping.

I went via Heathcote Rd to get there, and to be honest, the car felt like a complete nugget … it just didn’t want to move, there was no torque to be found what so ever.

Anyway I get home, and start ripping apart the current intake, and there was the problem. The tape I used to attach the 3 inch joiners on the AFM slipped off and blocked half of the intake up! This would explain the lack of acceleration the car had in the higher gears.

If you’re wondering where I am getting cold air from, look below.

The enclosed air filter is attached to that intake ducting shown above, and the air is grasped from the front bumper, see below.

Seeing I still don’t have an angle grinder, I found it fitting to give Adan a call to get this pipe cut to size!

A few minutes later, it was waiting to dry.

Check the clearances again, and piece it together!

And the end result is below!

And there you have it, a great CAI setup with no cutting/drilling. However, you would need to have no A/C or PS to run the same setup shown, this wouldn’t be a problem for some NA guys, but the NB’s may need to do a little more creative thinking if they wish to keep both A/C and PS.

When I get some time (or when I am bothered) I’ll need to modify the splash tray to fit the ducting through, but in the mean time it’s fine as is.

Hopefully this setup will stay for a while, I’ve been through enough already!

New Intake Setup

I bought a inclosed carbon intake last month for my daily driver, unfortunately it didn’t work out well so I put it up for sale.

Then i thought about it, and figured I could use it on the MX-5. Deciding where it would go, proved to me another challenge all together.

I wanted it as far away as possible from the extractors, and somewhere it could obtain cold air from Via headlight Removal. I ended up coming to the conclusion of running it as a short type setup, running towards the passenger side of the engine bay.

So i went on the hunt for a nice 3 inch 90 degree bend, and i just happened to be at JustJap at the time (they sell them for $20 each), so i took the chance and bought it.

Knowing it would be too long for my application, I gave Adan a ring to see if he could cut it down for me (I really need to fix my angle grinder!). Success! everything will work out perfect.

Below is a picture of how the intake currently sits,We still need to trim part of the piping still so the carbon inclosure can rest further away from the radiator.

“Your intake is running straight into the power steering reservoir”, I know, I will be removing my Power steering from the MX-5, i have grown to love the feel of a car without power steering, I jump into the MX-5 and it feels almost lifeless due to me being so used to muscling the car around corners. Its also another thing i wont need to worry about at the track, it will free the engine a little bit, and save weight.

Here are some pictures of the intake alone, If you want to run a bigger intake on your MX-5/Miata, try getting some electrical duck tape and wrapping it tightly around the pipe work/AFM etc. That way, you will not need to run a reducer from the AFM to the piping.

To top it off, i have ordered a BPI Velocity/Flow stack to go on the end of the intake, this should help with velocity and flow.

The engine bay needs a bit of a touch up, i think i will go with a black and blue scheme, that shinny pipe will be painted black once complete.

I would love to get a dyno comparsion of this intake and a stock setup, i’ll be sure to post it when i do.