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I’ve had a bit of time today to get everything up and running at an attempt to spread the word.

On both pages you will find constant updates from the blog, and Facebook will have albums of all the Featured ROTW’s.

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Random Snap – 003

I know, It’s not a Roadster, but random snaps can be anything!

Anyway, as some may know, this is Matt Meads (off JDMST) new daily, and a beautiful one at that.

This really makes me miss my old K11 Micra, shame I never ended up putting racks on it either, *sigh*.

In The Build – John’s NA6

Snaps and Blurp: Adam Zitka

Another new segment that has been added to RoadsterGarage, “In The Build”. It’s self explanatory really, Project Roadsters in the works, which could be getting an engine conversion, or cosmetic makeover. Getting your hands dirty, and spinning your own spanners is what it’s all about, and to kick it all off, I have a prime example to reveal.

This project started as a bare shell, and the plan was to swap everything over from his red MX-5 [MR-138], to this one. The shell was originally black, but John has a thing for having funky coloured cars, and this was no exception, he also wanted a unique looking MX-5, something unseen in Australia. So it was decided to paint the shell teal, yes teal.

John has a stack of dope parts literally lying around in the garage, from Carbing braces, to Mazdaspeed seats. As you can see, there is still a long way to go to call this MX-5 “complete” but when it’s all said and done, it will be one very nice looking Roadster.

If you have a Roadster Project under way, then send in some progress pictures to

Keep up the good work John!



Just spotted this piece on Tetsuya Garage late last night, and I knew what I needed to do.

So I got in contact with Rob, and it’s now on its way from Japan.

It’s not my ideal strut brace, but its white, dope, and relatively cheap too ($150USD to my door).

Should get my hands on it within two weeks, Awesome!

RoadsterGarage MX-5 Sound clips

Today, I managed to get some sound clips of the MX-5 with the new exhaust setup.

Excuse the quality of the videos, and my lack of knowledge on how to edit them!

Yes, I still need to purchase the embedding option, all in good time.

Props to John H for helping out.


ECV open, 0-7000rpm … WOT

ECV  Half Closed 0-4000rpm … cruising pace You can actually hear my ORC Hyper Single clutch engage now!

Drive By, 0-7000rpm, ECV Open

Roadster Of The Week – Dob’s Charged NA8


Snaps: Dob
Blurp: Adam Zitka

This weeks Roadster is from the North East of the U.K, but it was imported from Japan in 2006 by the owner, Dob. It’s a 1995 Eunos S special, which was factory when it was imported into the U.K, but within four years of ownership, there was bound to be some changes.

The exterior has been dramatically changed, the body kit consists of a wisdom front bar, Buthe Motorsports side skirts, and OEM Replica rear lip. The Vented bonnet is actually Carbon Fibre, but has been painted black, it helps keeps things cool in the engine bay. Other changes to the body include a flush rear number plate panel, east bear headlight surrounds, smoked lights, and a hardtop, to name a few.

Moving right along to the engine compartment, and you’ll notice it doesn’t look like a normal Roadster engine bay, Thats because Dob has bolted a Jackson Racing M45 supercharger to the side of it. Other mods were installed to maximise the power, and increase safety to have a consistent, problem free setup. 440cc injectors, a Track Dog Racing intercooler kit, Flyin Miata high flow cat, Apexi N1 exhaust and a Walbro fuel pump. Everything is controlled by a Greddy E-manage Ultimate. The Roadster now makes 200hp (149kw) at the wheels.

KYB gear climb springs lower the car, and improve handling, whilst the roll bar helps stiffen the chassis. Dob’s wheels of choice are 16×8 +35 Rota cup wheels. He has gone a step further by adding Initial D inspired graphics on the lip of each wheel.

The interior has had a make over, the standard seats have been covered in creme and black leather, a creme gear boot and hand brake boot has been made to suit. A Momo coarse steering wheel replaces the OEM Nardi, and a quick release hub has been fitted.

Dob has decided enough is enough, and this NA8 is now for sale. He has another car lined up that will be going in a different direction, think of what the So-Cal boys do … it’s catching on around the globe!

And remember guys, We are currently looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Good luck with your new project Dob, and congratulations, your this weeks ROTW.

Random Snap – 002

This great looking photo was found on … Kevin Cheng is the man responsible. Two great looking NB8C’s I say!