Day Three

Today was a pretty busy day, i needed to source a thrust bearing through work which proved to be a bit of a headache.

Anyway, I got a phone call on my lunch break … it was the missus, and some boxes turned up for the car.

So I get home with the thrust bearing, grab the boxes, get dressed into something suitable (note shitty old shorts and a singlet) and head off to Dahtone at Wethrill Park.

I get there, take the boxes out and immediately start unwrapping them. The Npower headers and BPI flow stack arrived!

The Npower headers, look brilliant! they really don’t look like a cheap $350 extractor off Ebay, they seem to be crafted well and everything lines up quite nicely.

The ports aren’t the best but who am I to complain for the price? The inlets are bigger then factory so if there would be any effect, it would be minimal.

First thing i did was to check if the header sealed onto the block, i was so into it that i forgot the gearbox was out of the car! i thought they didn’t fit, haha, But all good.

Heres some pictures of the factory headers for a comparison.

I took some snaps of how the engine bay now looks, wires everywhere, pieces missing etc.

Moving onto the flow stack, now i thought these piece would be a lot less sturdy than what it really is, It really is a hard durable OEM like plastic, it should finish off the intake nicely.

No, thats not a doughnut!

While the tailshaft were lying around, i thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of the spline.

The left is the manual tailshaft, and the right is the automatic, you can see the Auto tailshaft has a larger OD.

And to finish it off, a picture of the clutch mounted to the engine.

Tomorrow the upper intake manifold will be finished, the gearbox and diff should be mounted and, well probably more, so stick around.


Day One

After work, I went on a hunt to find a tailshaft for the conversion, My friend gave me a lead to a place in Villawood that had an Evolution Gold NB8A sitting there, So I gave them a call to see if they had what I needed.

And thankfully, they did so off I went to get the manual tailshaft.

Arriving to Dahtone Racing with the newly acquired tailshaft, I saw the MX sitting on the hoist, with the automatic gearbox ripped out of it, words really couldn’t describe how i felt at the time. It’s finally happening!

As you can see, the exhaust, PPF, transmission, tailshaft and Diff have been removed, The diff will be stripped tomorrow and Adan will lock it permanently.

This picture is the last time the Automatic will be next to the differential.

This is how the car is currently resting, till tomorrow!

MX-5 Now At Dahtone Racing!

Well as some may know, I have recently sold my Nissan Micra to a friend of mine, however the Micra will be in my possession for a few more weeks, so while I still have the oppurtunity to drive the Micra around I figured there wouldn’t be a better time to get the MX-5 back on the road.

I decided to take the MX down to Anthony at Dahtone Racing, he is a very good mechanic, and is pretty much the only person I trust with my cars.

We have decided to finally finish the manual conversion, removing power steering, modify the diff, and complete the wire tuck on the engine bay, along with other various little bits and pieces.

I am still searching for last-minute parts, as I didn’t expect for this to happen so soon.

You see, I actually took the micra of the market, but my mate offered me pretty good coin for it, and i will still have it until the Mazda is back on the road, I couldn’t resist, and here we are.

The Roadster  is currently resting at Dahtone, and work will commence on monday the 1st.

To get in contact with Dahtone Racing, or simpily to see what kind of work they do, click the link below

I really can’t wait to start driving him again!