Ultimate Design Tail Lights Installed

So today after work I installed those LED tail lights for the missus, Very easy to install and we had no dramas. One thing that I was a little worried about, Was that the USDM 240sx’s had a different wiring layout to the JD/AUDM 200sx’s, But thankfully this isn’t the case. The old lights are now for sale too, If anyone is interested. Some coilovers and Origin wheels are probably the next items on the list for the S14.

Stick around!




Panda’s S14

As some might know, Julie (Or Panda as I like to call her) is an utter car nut like myself. She has owned a Nissan S14 now for quite a few years, And just recently Panda is starting to change things up. There’s a lot of things she doesn’t like about the car (that the previous owner changed), And she has a lot of ideas floating in her head. From what I hear (almost every day) It should be quite an interesting build.

So today, We decided to get rid of the tacky el-glo ricer gauges that were installed from purchase. It has been on our list for quite a while, So it was a relief to see these things finally banished!

Julie bought these cluster lights off Ebay. Neogauge make a great set of LED’s, It’s what I have in my MX-5 currently and I haven’t had a problem with them since purchase.  Anyway, the cluster removal was quite simple, Just look for the screws around the steering surround and cluster piece. Pull them off then undo the three screws that bolt the gauge cluster in. You’ll then have access to the cluster.  I then needed to remove the gauge face and bezel to get to the gauge face.

Seeing that we were never going to use these gauge faces again, I simply cut them off to avoid playing around with the needles. Volia! Evil ricer gauge faces are gone!

After that, I installed the LED’s into the cluster. It looks much better now!

Stick around for more updates on the S14!