In The Build – All Out NA

I spotted this build thread on CR and The owner hasn’t held back at all, He’s built the motor, widened the guards, full cage and beefed up the transmission. Check it out here.


Random Snap – 028

In The Build – Josh’s Bad Ass Drifter

This build has been going on for quite a few years (3 to be exact!). In a nut shell, Josh had smashed the car up. He then decided to completely rebuild the car from scratch to Formula D specifications.

The amount of custom fabrication and effort gone into this NA is amazing. The whole front end is a tube chassis, The engine makes over 400HP, and the car will be wearing a carbon fibre wide body kit. truly dope! You must check this out! Be sure to have an hour or so spare … Theres over 50 pages to go through.

Just take a moment to admire all the work in the engine bay alone! Keep it up Josh!

Roadster Of The Week – Jonas’s MSM

Article written by: Adam Zitka and  Jonas Bereika
Pictures taken by: Giedrius Matulaitis and Tomas Petrovskis

This weeks ROTW is from a country called Lithuania, which is a rather small country in eastern Europe. In Lithuania, You don’t see too many Roadsters at all. This Mazdaspeed Miata happens to be the only one in the country too!

“So how everything started. In the middle of 2008 I was searching for a car that would be my daily driver with lot’s of space to fit my friends, bike and other stuff. I’ve been in love with Miata and other small cars like Lotus Elise/Exige since I learned how to drive a car, But it was not good as a daily driver (only two seats, not much space). I already had a Honda S2000 that was my weekend and track day car. But I’ve found this 2005 MSM imported from US, and just couldn’t let it go. I sweared to my self that this car will stay completely stock and no mods is allowed, But, you see how it has ended.”

Seeing this MSM rolling on the streets of Lithuania would be an interesting sight indeed, Considering how uncommon Roadster’s are over there. But what make things more interesting are the modifications that Jona’s has put on his MSM.

The car’s exterior has been revamped with a custom front lip, And a set of side skirts that were made in Poland. The guards were rolled and pulled to allow clearance for the XXR/Sportmax 002 wheels.

The cockpit of this MSM has not been left untouched. Jonas likes to drive his Roadster hard, and well we all know that the standard seats, Can be a little slippery in extreme conditions.  So Jonas has installed a Sandtler Roadster divers seat, Along with a 3 point Sabelt harness, These help him stay in the one spot, And in control when pushing the limits of the MSM.

Jonas has also installed a OMP steering wheel, Which not only deletes the OEM Nardi, But shaves some weight off the standard wheel. Other mods consist of a Stack boost gauge, Dildo shifter and Radio blanking plate.

Now we all know that the MSM is graced with a healthy boost of power from factory, Thanks to the IHI turbine bolted to the engine, But for some reason, Mazdaspeed decided to install a tiny intercooler. Jonas has replaced the factory intercooler with a much larger system. This not only gives the MSM a boost in power, It helps keep the intake temperatures down. Boost has been increased manually, And there is a 3 inch exhaust bolted to the OEM downpipe.

“The car has now been with me for two years, and I completely love it, even more than I bought it. For my needs it’s just a perfect car, simple, minimalistic, good-looking, small, rear wheel drive, has the power to make driving fun and can go top down FTW!! It’s hard to drive every day with a such low car, but when you like every mile with it, you drive only on good roads and don’t care if it’s the longer way. Only one point that I don’t like as much, is the colour, damn it’s hard to keep it clean, especially here in Lithuania where the streets are dirty. But, it’s the most exclusive mazdaspeed colour, only 200 MSM’s were made in black!”

“The future plans would be to add some more power, about 250whp would be perfect (it now has ~200whp), add a real roll bar. And to modify steering to get more steering angle.”

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Jonas, Your this weeks ROTW!


Bigger IC
Custom intake
Custom 3″ turboback stainless exhaust
MBC (set to 0.7bar)
BC coilovers
TurboXS RFL bov
Sandtler Roadster homologated drivers seat (the same as Cobra Lotus race seat)
3 point Sabelt harness
QSP steering wheel
JDM Dildo shiftknob
Stack boost gauge
Fiberglass sideskirts (made in Poland, don’t remember company name)
Custom fiberglass front bumper lip
OEM rear mudguards
Rolled front and rear fenders
Removed AC
XXR002 R16x8″ ET0 wheels with 195/45 tires

Roadster Of The Week – Chris’s NA6T Roadster

Article Written By: Adam Zitka
Photography By: Scott Deeley & Various

Building any car on a budget is not as easy as some might think, But Chris from Saskatchewan, Canada, Has managed to build himself a turbocharged NA6 without selling out his kidneys!

“I ended up picking up the car after some lady hit my current daily driver at the time. I had driven many Miatas before 2 NA’s, 2 NB’s and 1 NC, SO I had a good feeling about the car. As I was in college at the time, I was pursuing something reliable, but something I could also have fun with and still do track events with such as AutoX and tentatively drifting.

So after a few quick emails back and forth between the previous owner, I quickly booked a plane ticket to Calgary AB, and flew out that night on May 2 2008. While I was in Calgary, I ended up picking up a set of sport max 501 wheels as I wanted something more than winter tires to summer drive on. When I picked up the car I had a good feeling about it and it put a huge smile on my face. I drove it back home to Saskatoon SK(700km) and there was no doubt in my mind I had bought a good car.”

“My first event I did was an AM drift event in Edmonton AB in July of 2008. At the time my current specs were fairly stock. A welded in 4 pt roll bar I made, an air filter, an exhaust and coilovers. I placed 8th out of 37. I was pretty content sitting in my roadster now, knowing i could throw down with 300whp skylines, S13’s, S14’s etc. I was 1 of 4 cars at that event who didn’t have a turbo on their car.

The car pretty much stayed stock for the rest of the year. Keep in mind I’m going to school, and trying to fund and build a race car doesn’t exactly happen too quickly when you’re in school.”

Seeing these pictures of Chris sliding his Roadster must have you wondering what that body kit is. It is a replica of the legendary Arios body kit, And it suits Chris’s car to a tee. He’s currently rocking a set of Sportmax/XXR 002’s, In 15×8 0 offset sizing. The NA6 was recently painted a fresh gloss black too, replacing the original green paint work.

Giving the NA6 such a low ride height, Are a set of Megan Racing coilovers with 10kg springs on the front struts, And 8kg springs on the rear. Most know that Roadsters’s don’t have much lock when it comes to drifting, Chris has addressed this problem with a pair of Secret Element inner tie rods. These increase lock at over 25%.

The cabin has been revised recently too. The newest edition is the welded in rollcage painted fluro green. Chris is getting serious nowadays and the 4 point roll bar he made a while ago needed an upgrade. The pair of seats holding Chris into place are a set of Sparco sprints,RCI Harness’s strap him down to avoid too much movement during transitions. The  steering wheel of choice is a Momo, and other than the necessities like the Trsico Boost gauge and AEM V2 Wideband, The rest of the cabin is completely gutted.

Chris gives the Khumo SPT tyres absolute hell, Thanks to the Greddy TD05 turbocharger and Megan Racing manifold bolted to the side of the engine. Theres a Megan Racing 2.5 inch dump pipe and Speedtech 2.5 inch resonated exhaust extracting exhaust gases. A Ebay intercooler and custom 2.5 inch intercooler piping helping the engine keep it’s temperatures down. Some 7MGE 310cc injectors, A Blox FMU fuel pressure regulator, and 1JZ Supra fuel pump increase the fueling capabilities. Chris has also installed a blitz blow off valve that expels the 12 pounds of boost that this setup creates.

All of this is controled by an Apexi SAFC II and a Bipes ACU timing controller, Many say these kind of things are the “Band aid’s” of engine management, But hey, If Chris has managed to run such a setup with great reliability then it just goes to show how good these units really are.

“As far as the car looking good. After that first event it got really really beat up with the slippery track on the first day and the large amounts of mud that accumulated on the car. I guess that’s why I decided to retire it as a daily driver and do solely track with it. It isn’t exactly comfortable anymore but it gets the job done.

The roads here in Saskatchewan Canada also take quite a toll on a low car. WIth the harsh winters and hot summers, it really wrecks the roads fast, so you become quite good at dodging pot holes, cracking your aero and scraping frame.”

We can’t wait to see what the future hold for you and your Roadster Chris!

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Chris, You are the Roadster Of The Week!


B6I-T – Made 115 whp stock
Greddy TD05 16G turbo running at 12lbs of boost
Megan Manifold
Megan 2.5″ down pipe
K&N Intake Filter
NGK Iridium Plugs and wires
Ebay Intercooler
Custom 2.5″ Intercooler piping
7MGE 315cc Injectors
BLOX FMU Fuel Pressure regulator
1JZ Supra Fuel Pump
Blitz Blow Off Valve
Custom 2.5″ exhaust with resonator made by Speedtech
A/C and Power Steering deleted


1.8 Liter Clutchnet 6 puck Clutch with 99 Miata Fly wheel
1996 Miata Welded Diff


Megan Racing Coilovers 10/8kg Springs
Secret Element Tie rods
RSR Strut Bar
Full Custom 6pt Cage made to my specs
Sport Max 002 wheels 15×8 0
Kuhmo SPT tires 195/45/15
Hawk HP+ Brake pads


Sparco Sprint Racing Seats
RCI 5pt Harnesses
Momo Steering wheel
Trsico Boost gauge
AEM V2 Wideband
Mazda Speed E brake handle with spin turn knob
Gutted otherwise


Knock off Arios Full Kit
Painted basic gloss black
Mazda Oem hardtop
Blue lensed headlights and bulbs

Roadster Of The Week – Dan’s NA Wallpapers

Dan submitted stacks of high quality pictures for his Roadster Of The Week feature, As a photographer from UK FAST CAR magazine shot it for their mag, and now we can share the rest of the pictures online too!

Roadster Of The Week – Dan’s NA Turbo

Article written by Dan Atkinson

The car was first bought in 2002 as a totally standard silver MX5 (eunos roadster).

It stayed standard for a few months until the wheels were changed to some 15-inch Kahn 5 spokes. At the time 17’s were in fashion so it got some new shoes in the form of some Lenso deep dish split rims. These looked great but didn’t do much for the handling as it’s now well-known that the Mx5’s run better on 14 or 15 inch alloys.

Being only a 1.6 the power needed looking at. I was soon hooked on USA websites and forums searching through the articles on DIY forced induction – especially turbo conversions. Mazda has worked with BBR in the early 1990s to produce a factory turbo mx5 but these were very rare and very expensive. I set myself a challenge to do my own DIY turbo conversion, most people laughed and told me it couldn’t be done, but I set out to prove them wrong. It was hard work gathering info but a great project to do.

The basis of the conversion is a T25 hybrid (half Renault 5 turbo and half Mitsubishi eclipse) made from two turbos to form a great spooling, responsive unit. This sits on an imported Corksport manifold from the USA. The downpipe and exhaust are custom, part made by myself and a local welding firm. An escort RS turbo air filter and Rover 200 intercooler were used in the conversion. Fuelling was basic in the form of an AFPR from the USA later replaced with GREDDY EMANAGE and then a Megasquirt ECU. From start to finish it took approx a year of planning and parts gathering before the turbo was running. It was at this stage that a new business idea was born. Universal-Intercoolers.

As standard these engines are great for FI as they share many components of the Mazda 323 turbo car! The turbo was running approx 6 psi and made circa 170 bhp. Not bad for a homebrew setup.

The car acquired various body kit parts like side skirts, front bumpers as it moved through the years – going from the ‘big wheels’ and body kits to the small track day focussed look.

The wheels have changed quite a few times as well as the owners! I sold and bought the car back (twice) before owning it now. It first went to London where it lived for a few years, then I had it back. I then sold it again and it went to live in Newcastle. In between the Mx5 which now had the name of ‘mexy’ I had a few lotus elises, Vauxhall VX 220’s but nothing could match the fun factor of this little car.

I had a message from a forum member telling me it was back for sale again early 2008. It took me best part of 5 minutes to decide to do the trip to Newcastle and buy it back. The car was still the same car but hadn’t been looked after that well and was getting a bit tired. A deal was done from the same person I had sold it to a few years back and it was home again..

It was then that I decided to transform and rebuild it again and refresh the tired parts. The Car was stripped and repainted in the very bright Focus RS white in 2 pack paint. I took my time in painting the car. It was the first time I’ve ever painted a full car before so was a steep learning curve. The doors were removed to paint the door shuts. I also fitted the wide arches to the car which would allow me to run the wider low offset wheels which I imported from the USA. These were re painted to the colour they are now. A small spoiler was bonded onto the boot lid and smoothed in. I painted and did all the prep work myself inc cutting the original metal wheel arches, bonding on the new parts and skimming the doors to remove the swage lines.

A megasquirt ECU was built for me by a good friend of the Mx5 Nutz forum (thanks John) from a kit we imported from USA. This allowed the standard ECU to be removed and also the Air flow meter, giving more power and an even better induction roar! The engine bay was stripped and repainted white. I took the opportunity to design a new intercooler system for the car as I own This was neater and shorter pipe run than the first intercooler design done years ago. The engine now has larger injectors, a wideband kit to allow better control of fuelling and also runs 11psi boost. This should help to make around 200+bhp.

Mexy is now the demo car for Universal Intercoolers which I can test new Mx5 parts on before selling them. I sell full intercooler kits for the Mx5 turbos now, as well as the wide arches and other mx5 parts.

I also did a wire tuck to tidy the engine bay up. Some engine bay parts were removed or hidden to allow a cleaner engine bay look. The washer bottle was removed as it used to get a bit hot sat next to the glowing turbo! The turbo was rebuilt at the same time with fresh bearings and seals. A new ali radiator was fitted as well as other engine parts like silicone hoses and standard service items. I changed the cam belt, water pump and seals one weekend too. The cam cover has been painted in the same white used for the body.

Gaz coilovers were fitted to the freshly powder coated wishbones with new poly bushes.

I stripped the parts down, had them powdercoated, and then pressed the bushes back into the parts. Hard work but they now look and feel new, and will hopefully last another 20 years!

My fave part of the car is the Bride Bucket seat and genuine bride runner. These took months of searching to find and suit the car really well. The interior is basic and is suited to ‘track style’ – no radio or anything that isn’t needed. A roll cage was also fitted to help make the shell stiffer and also offer some protection In the event of a roll. A carbon gauge pod and Mazda speed steering wheel finish the car off nicely without being over the top.

I’m hoping to get some track time this year at Oulton park and some drifting sessions with the ‘Mazda on track’ group.

If anyone is interested in owning an MX5 they are very easy to work on and parts are cheap and readily available. A great online forum called MX5 Nutz is the best place to start for info and help. There are some very knowledgeable friends on there who know the cars inside out and are more than happy to lend a hand with repairs / tuning / and general mx5 help. What ever you are into there are lots of ways you can tailor a mx5 to make it you own from wheels, kits, power upgrades, suspension etc or you can just enjoy the great little car standard.

As a FYI, this car and the turbo conversion kicked off the basis of my Intercooler business. I couldn’t find anyone making a reasonably priced kit for the Mx5 turbos.

I imported one intercooler from USA, and then sold it to buy 2, they sold and before long I had started importing them by the 100’s and Universal Intercoolers was born. I then developed the Mx5 turbo kit for myself which grew to supplying them all over the world.

Thanks to Ric Lloyd, John ‘Dm Rider’, Oggy @, Claire for being so patient and everyone else involved with my crazy car ideas.


1.6 16v
Corksport USA exhaust Manifold
T25 Hybrid Turbo
Stainless turbo oil feed hosing
Universal Intercoolers Intercooler kit
Megasquirt ECU + new sensors
AEM Wideband Kit
Air con removed
Custom stainless steel exhaust
Koyo Ali Radiator
350cc Supra Injectors
Wire tuck in the engine bay


Universal Intercoolers Wide arch kit
Universal Intercoolers Rear Spoiler
Mazda OEM front spoiler
Door / Wing Swage lines smoothed
Clear sidelight modification
Aerial hole welded and filled
Brackets / panels / metal removed to save weight

-Running Gear:

Sportmax 002 wheels 15×8 0 offset
Lightweight Tuner wheel nuts.
Gaz Coil over suspension
Poly bushed wishbones + ARB
1.8 brakes- Mintex fast road pads
1.8 LSD Torsen II Diff + Prop shaft


Carbon dash cover
Bride Seat on Bride Runner
Mazda speed steering wheel
Roll cage