Carbing Installed

Today, My Carbing rear strut brace arrived, So as soon as I got home from work I installed it. It was pretty easy to do, A tad fiddly. Seems to have stiffened up the rear, But I won’t know until I give it a good drive.


Carbing Strut Brace

As some may know, Rod from Tetsuya Garage has been on vacation for a while. Now he is back in Japan and finding dope parts for fellow Roadster owners to fight for.

Anyway, I’ve been after a Carbing brace for the rear end of the car for a while now, And well as soon as I saw it on Rod’s blog … I bought it.

A New Day, A New Package

Today I arrived home to a “sorry, we missed you” card from the post office. I thought, Shit! My brace is already here ?!?!

So off I went to grab it at the local post office, rushed into the garage, opened her up, and bolted it to the car.

Looks great I think, helps reduce the “scuttle shake”, and tightens up the front a tad too.

I love Carbing products, the welds are a joy to look at. Oh, and the front lip has been sold, the front of the RG MX-5 looks homo now *sigh*.

Props to Rod at Tetsuya Garage for the great service, and insane delivery time!

 Next update will be involving the Panda, stick around!



Just spotted this piece on Tetsuya Garage late last night, and I knew what I needed to do.

So I got in contact with Rob, and it’s now on its way from Japan.

It’s not my ideal strut brace, but its white, dope, and relatively cheap too ($150USD to my door).

Should get my hands on it within two weeks, Awesome!