Random Snap – 018

Here’s Warwick sliding his NB8 around the track, good stuff!


Weekend Photoshoot

Well today I decided to give the car a wash and take some snaps of it. Thanks panda for coming out and giving me a hand <3.

This will probably be the last time the car will be clean until the kit is painted.

Enjoy the photos guys!

Stance Complete

Today was a busy day! I managed to get enough time at work to call around the local tyre shops, Hoping to score some cheap tyres. Thankfully I did.

So after work, I rushed home and grabbed the pair of superlites, I then fitted up. I also lowered the rear a tad too.

I did try the 7mm spacers at the rear, but there wasn’t enough thread to safely tighten the lugs.

Final offsets are -1 front and +4 rear.

I’ll see how the current height goes before I get a wheel alignment.

Not So Fast

So I was convinced that was the Problem, so I was going to take the rotors off for machining. But I thought I’d check if it would make the same sound with my shitty wheels. surprisingly it didn’t, So it got me thinking about the bearings not taking the extra load etc. But that also didn’t make any sence.

Anyway I decided to check the back of the wheel and there I found the problem, the base of the wheel was hitting the damn caliper! I have never heard anyone with an MX5 have this problem before with the superlites.

Anyway I rang Adan and stole some of his spacers. (thanks bro <3). So the problem has been sorted, effectively making the wheels -1 offset. Those brakes explain another problem I’ve been having too actually, but they can wait a bit.

So were back on track, Now it’s time to find some more tyres.

Got Dem Nutz!

I saw a set of lug nuts for sale on JDMST last night, And decided to get a closer look, They are similar to the blue on the Superlites so I snapped them up!

All I need now are a set of tyres.

Tomorrow, the car will be hanging out at Dahtone Racing, where Anthony and I will be installing the Flyin Miata butterfly brace.

Stick around!

Sneak Peak

Well today I decided to take the cage and passenger seat out, ready for the upcoming Flyin Miata butterfly brace install. Whilst I was doing that, I placed the Superlites on the hubs of the RG MX-5 to get an idea of how they would look. Needless to say I rather like how they turned out, and brighten the rest of the car up. It’s wierd how the blue changes colour with different lighting though.

Wheel Painting – Part IV

Weather was good today, So I wasted no time, I drove to Repco to get more wax and grease remover and applied it to the lips of the wheels. Wiped it off a few minutes later and they were now ready to paint.

All primed up.

An hour later, the lips were painted and cleared, The result below.

And finally, All finished!

In total, I used one and a half cans of primer (3 coats on both lip and centre), One and a quarter can of white (3-4 coats on the centres), Just under one can of blue (3 coats on the lips), And half a can of clear coat (2 coats all round). I spent roughly eight hours sanding and prepping the wheels for paint (this includes masking), And roughly 3-4 hours priming, painting and clearing the centres/lips.

Obviously it would be a lot quicker if you were to paint the whole wheel one solid colour. If your really committed, you would be able to knock a set of wheels over within a weekend.

Thats all there is to it, A bit of hard work can really pay off, get cracking!