Hi there,

My names Adam, I’m 20 years of age, I live in Sydney – Australia, And I have a Roadster obsession!

I’ve owned my Roadster for over four years now, And I’ve done many whacky things with/to it (As you’ll find out).

I Created RoadsterGarage back in January 2010, As I was planning a rotary conversion and I wanted to log it in the one place, Just in case another Roadster owner wanted to go down the same path and needed some guidance. However, I came to my senses and decided not to go ahead with the conversion.

So now RoadsterGarage is a blog about all things Roadster, With the lastest news on products, Vendors and the coolest Roadsters around, It’s the blog to check out if your in love with the worlds most popular sports car! 

If your interested in getting your Roadster featured, Or are a vendor wishing to advertise on RoadsterGarage, Then please send me an email at roadstergarage@live.com.au.

Happy Reading!

Jinba Ittai!

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