Ultimate Design Tail Lights Installed

So today after work I installed those LED tail lights for the missus, Very easy to install and we had no dramas. One thing that I was a little worried about, Was that the USDM 240sx’s had a different wiring layout to the JD/AUDM 200sx’s, But thankfully this isn’t the case. The old lights are now for sale too, If anyone is interested. Some coilovers and Origin wheels are probably the next items on the list for the S14.

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The Bug Has Bitten

Well my car’s build might be slowing down, But it seems that Julie’s has just begun. She ordered a set of LED tail lights on saturday, And they are already here! We’ll be putting them in within a couple of days. Boy do they look nice.

Looks like the Roadster is going to throw the towel, I let it warm up for a few minutes whilst I was closing up the workshop, And the amount of junk that came out of the exhaust was shocking. Still deciding what to do at the moment.

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Random Snap – 024

This picture just needs to be shared, It’s so awesome!

Guard Rolling – Dave’s Mark II

Heres some quick pictures whilst rolling Dave’s guards today.

Guard roller mounted to the hub of the Mark II.

Heres some of the tools I use when rolling guards.

The end result, You can see where Dave has been scrubbing on the top of the wheel arch, gotta love it!

If you need your guards rolled, check this out, It has all you need to know about my services.

JDMST – April EOMM 2010 Coverage

Last night at Fox Studios was the JDMST – April EOMM, and what a great night it was. There were tons of cars, and a great atmosphere in general, There was also a dominance in Roadsters too!

I had the good old point and shoot with me, It’s nothing flash at night, but does the job.

more coverage can be found below.


Random Snap – 003

I know, It’s not a Roadster, but random snaps can be anything!

Anyway, as some may know, this is Matt Meads (off JDMST) new daily, and a beautiful one at that.

This really makes me miss my old K11 Micra, shame I never ended up putting racks on it either, *sigh*.

A Day With The RX-8

On the weekend, my mum was in town, and she wanted me to babysit my 3-year-old sister whilst she went to work at Liverpool hospital.

Ever since she moved back into NSW, she has been traveling from Nelson Bay to Liverpool to work almost every week. Anyway, Seeing the baby seat is in the RX-8, I dropped mum off, looked after my Sister, and washed the car for her.

Her RX-8 is in great condition, with all the factory options like sunroof, 6 stacker and red/black leather interior. The car was filthy though due from all the long trips that she does, luckily I managed to give it a quick wash for her.

Anyway, enough talking i figured I’d take some pictures, as my mum probably wont see the car this clean in a while.

On another note, the ECV still hasn’t arrived! Not happy at all!