Random Snap – 029


Random Snap – 028

Random Snap – 024

This picture just needs to be shared, It’s so awesome!

A Roadster Has Fallen

Some may remember this Roadster from a recent ROTW. Anyway, Chris had an accident in it not too long ago, And has decided to part the car out. Here’s a few pictures of the carnage that went on.

Hitting a concrete pole at 80km/h an hour will cause this kinda damage. It’s good to know that Chris is ok though (bar a few cuts and stitches), It could have been a lot worse.

To check out whats left on his car, Check this out.

Twilight Drift Photos

Heres some pictures I found of my car in action last week. Thank you Daniel G for taking these awesome pics!

The Twilight Drift Saga Continues

Yesterday was another Driving Sports “Twilight Drift”event that Adan and I attended. Once again, it went off without a hitch! I managed to get some in-car footage too, But I do need a bigger capacity memory card, As I only managed to record 3-4 runs.

Adan ended up trying out the peanut, While I stuck to the skidpan. The extra lock obtained with the iConcept tie rods is quite noticeable. It’s helped me keep control of the car better, And reduced the change of running out of lock. I think I only spun out a handful of times. This is a must do for any Roadster owner planning to do some drifting, Get yourself some tie rods!

The only little drama I had, My gauges were acting up, There must be a loose earth somewhere. The car didn’t seem to like light load either, Seemed to sort itself out towards the end of the night though.

Heres some vid’s of the night. (Yeah I still need to get an embedding option!)


Oh, My Beatrush PPF brace arrived yesterday from Beatrush themselves. Amazing quality piece. I’ll do a review on that shortly.

Stick around!

In The Build – Josh’s Bad Ass Drifter

This build has been going on for quite a few years (3 to be exact!). In a nut shell, Josh had smashed the car up. He then decided to completely rebuild the car from scratch to Formula D specifications.

The amount of custom fabrication and effort gone into this NA is amazing. The whole front end is a tube chassis, The engine makes over 400HP, and the car will be wearing a carbon fibre wide body kit. truly dope! You must check this out! Be sure to have an hour or so spare … Theres over 50 pages to go through.

Just take a moment to admire all the work in the engine bay alone! Keep it up Josh!