Static Saturday!

Well today was a busy day for both me and the missus. We woke up early in the morning and went on our way to Just Jap in Kirrawee. You see, “Panda” (as I like to call my missus) has been wanting spacers for her S14 for a long time, And she finally decided that today, She was to buy them.

So anyway I fitted them up for her, And the wheels now sit perfectly, Just a bit of poke and the sidewall is caressing the inner guard. The spacers effectively change the offset to +13.

So after I finished playing with the S14, I drawed my attention to the Roadster. Seeing I rocked it top down all night, I did get a little wet. So I needed to air it out. One thing that worried me though was that I managed to get a fair bit of water in the boot, Which I’ll need to look at before the next event.

Anyway, I took Panda as a passenger for the night but only had the one helmet. So I loaned my buddy Lionel’s helmet, Which just happened to be an open face. I decided to use it for the night, and fell in love with it. So after we finished up at Just Jap, We headed off to The Helmet Warehouse and picked up this approved RXT helmet for only $79.95! This was the exact helmet I wore last night, And was extremely comfortable throughout the night.

I didn’t grab much for myself at Just Jap, Just some silicone joiners for an idea I had. Some might remember my previous setup for the 3 inch joiners onto the AFM (If not, Check this out), But this seemed to be rather ineffective as when the tape would gain heat, It would become soft and change shape, Resulting in blocking the AFM and killing the car’s performance. So the plan was to use a 2.5 inch jointer and cut it so it sits snug on the AFM, and clamp the 3 inch joiner onto that.

This works like a charm! I no longer need to worry about the tape deforming and blocking stuff up.

So yeah, thats what I got up to today. Hopefully I’ll find some snaps of the Roadster in action and I can get them up here!

Stick around!


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