Infiltrate & Extract

I wasn’t looking forward to what I needed to get done today. I needed to get the Flyin Miata “wings” off the car, To do this I needed to remove a lot of gear. So straight after work I got straight into it.

Here’s half way through.

I love my lotus seats and all, But damn they are a royal pain in the ass to mount and remove. I finally managed to get them out, and I started removing the cage.

I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of the Mazdaspeed imprinted on the rollcage … A nice touch I think.

So I managed to get the seats, cage and all the other little things out of the car, And begun to loosen the bolts that hold the wings.

I will say this, What a pain it was to do, here I was rolling around in the rain trying to get these damn things off the car, and thankfully I finally did.

So I was to the point where I needed to reinstall and tighten everything, During doing this I heard a loud crack sound, At first I thought I snapped one of the FM chassis brace bolts, Upon further inspection it was my socket.

A few minutes later, I found another 13mm socket and resumed. Thankfully, Everything went rather smoothly from this point on.

The Driving Sports skidpan day is on this Friday. I will be attending and putting the RG MX-5 through its paces.

Stay tuned!


FM Butterfly Brace Install

Today I headed off to Dahtone Racing, to get the Flyin Miata butterfly brace installed. All went rather smoothly until we got to the centre section of the butterfly. The exhaust is too far to the left, So I’ll need to hit up Adan to adjust the exhaust … again. Regardless, the frame rails alone made a dramatic difference to the NB’s rigity, Reducing the infamous scuttle shake.

Got Dem Nutz!

I saw a set of lug nuts for sale on JDMST last night, And decided to get a closer look, They are similar to the blue on the Superlites so I snapped them up!

All I need now are a set of tyres.

Tomorrow, the car will be hanging out at Dahtone Racing, where Anthony and I will be installing the Flyin Miata butterfly brace.

Stick around!

On The Way

So just a little update on the RG MX-5, the Flyin Miata butterfly brace has been a success, I have made payment for my brace and it will be picked up on the weekend. This should be installed within a few weeks time.

Other news, my Jaycar DFA has almost been configured, It should be complete and at my door step next week. Which means I can lean out my AFR and grasp some more power.


Finally, I have sold my OEM “small” sideskirts, So I’ll be on the look out for some Bomex (Fomex, whatever) replacements.