Not So Fast

So I was convinced that was the Problem, so I was going to take the rotors off for machining. But I thought I’d check if it would make the same sound with my shitty wheels. surprisingly it didn’t, So it got me thinking about the bearings not taking the extra load etc. But that also didn’t make any sence.

Anyway I decided to check the back of the wheel and there I found the problem, the base of the wheel was hitting the damn caliper! I have never heard anyone with an MX5 have this problem before with the superlites.

Anyway I rang Adan and stole some of his spacers. (thanks bro <3). So the problem has been sorted, effectively making the wheels -1 offset. Those brakes explain another problem I’ve been having too actually, but they can wait a bit.

So were back on track, Now it’s time to find some more tyres.


Whats In The Box?

Well last week I randomly sold my Sportmax 513’s, Why? well the wheels i have wanted for quite some time, popped up at a VERY good price, so I just couldn’t pass them up.

There are other reasons too, I got tired of rocking “fake” wheels, and I wanted to step up in wheel size too. What are you new wheels you ask? don’t worry, we’ll get there.

The new wheels are 16X8, +4 offset and weigh 7.6kgs. They are  also australian made. Any ideas?

Very well, they are superlight GTR’s, they come in various sizes, but are all the same colour. However these wheels will not remain to have the “platinum” finish. I will be getting these powdercoated … the colours will remain a secret for now.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. 

Blast From The Past, Manic Miata!

I was looking through the stacks of Roadster pictures i have collected over the years, and one of the standouts was Robs NB Miata. This is one of my few inspirations. The aggressive styling of his Miata really puts the “girls car” joke to rest.
It wore polished SSR SP1’s. They measured 16×8 0 offset at the front and 16×9 +13 at the rear, these filled the guards nicely.

This NB was turbocharged, and set up to do only one thing … Drift.

Most of the body was from factory, OEM front lip, Side skirts, mud guards, hardtop and boot spoiler. The little things that make all the difference were the Garage Vary eyelids and canards.
Unfortunately Rob stored it and he now resides in Japan. Rob owns and  runs, a forum that unite the American Miata drifting scene.

This Miata will remain to be one of my favourites for a very long time.