Hanging Out At Adan’s House

Well I haven’t seen Adan for a WHOLE WEEK!, He was free and so was I, So I headed over to his joint to get some shit sorted on the car. First up, I wanted to get these sideskirts fitted. So off we went to Repco to get some sealant and race tape.

The passenger side skirt lines up like shit, But the driver’s side is pretty spot on … funny that. The colour isn’t too bad either, I mean it could be better but  for a spray can job, I think it turned out pretty damn good.

Next up were the D1 Generation bonnet pins. Now these were a little tricky, But Adan managed to get it all sorted, Heres how it started, Sorting out where we wanted them to sit etc.

Next up, Adan got to work with his trusty hack saw.

An hour or so later, These puppies were installed! Not only do they replace those other stupid ones I had, They actually work! Oh and they don’t look too bad either.

Funnily enough, The main reason to go to his place was to pick up my wheel/tyre that I got Adan to take to Twilight Drift for me, But we both managed to forget about it! MMM, I still need to get some more paint for this bumper, It is definitely too light as is. I’ll sort it out within the next few days.


Getting There


Well, What a day I’ve had! I got up at 7am this morning to head to my mates studio, And I got back at 10pm! We spend a whopping 12 hours making a track.  Anyway, As soon as I got home, I really wanted to get the sideskirts painted so they could be fitted tomorrow. So I did just that, And they came out great ! They are a very similar colour to the car which is a good thing. I don’t know if it’s my tired eyes, But I think the bumper needs a few more coats of paint. I’ll need to buy another can tomorrow.

Full Steam Ahead

The Driving Sports twilight drift event was awesome! I had an absolute blast. Great atmosphere, low waiting times, and lots of sliding is what It’s all about. Adan and I squeezed in at least 10 runs on the night, And it had us begging for more. I was the lone MX-5 at the event, and the only car rocking top down all night. I’ll be at next months event for sure, hopefully I’ll be a little more prepared next time too.

So anyway, the night managed to mangle my rear tyres pretty badly. I thought about it briefly and figured I’d get some second-hand tyres for the Superlites. I managed to get a pair of Fire Stone’s for under $100 … Score!

As soon as I got home, It was time to mount them to the car. I’m pretty happy with the result, The blue goes well with the car colour, and the tyre profile is just a tad bigger then the 195/50’s. It was just what I was after. Saying that though, It needs to go a tad lower.

That’s not all I did today, I ended up fitting the bomex bumper too. Fitment is … ok, The passenger side’s fitment is pretty spot on. The driver’s side isn’t so good. Still, it’s good enough for me, Hell the factory bumper didn’t even line up properly.

Oh yeah, Yesterday the sideskirts rocked up at work. These weren’t so bad fitment wise, but needed to be trimmed down in a few places.

All fitted up using nothing more than a bunch of cable ties, And race tape. I want to see if I have any problems with the way I have fitted it before I paint the kit.

I’ll be looking for another pair of second-hand tyres for the Superlites, sort out the height and get a wheel alignment. Paint the kit and do some more skids.

Stick Around!

OEM Side Skirts On Ebay

My OEM side skirts are now on Ebay at a stupid starting price!


Happy bidding!

Unexpected, But A Gift

Today I received an Email about my Mazdaspeed side skirts, apparently there has been a problem with delivery, So I’ve told them to can the order.

I’m kinda glad this has happened though, no one wants my current side skirts so there’s no point getting rid of them really. I should have opted for the bomex side skirts from the get-go too.

Worst case, I can always get them in but we’ll see how it goes with the OEM side skirts for now I think.

It’s Offcial!

It’s Official guys! I’ve ordered myself a Bomex front bumper, and Mazdaspeed A-Spec sideskirts from Japan.

I’ve always liked the Bomex front bumper, and I’ve finally bitten the bullet to get one. It will give the car a fresh look for 2010.

Unsure on arrival dates yet, shouldn’t be more than 2 months.

So on that note, my OEM front lip, and side skirts are now for sale. Considering how hard these are to get in Australia nowadays (as Mazda Australia no longer stock them). I think what I am after is reasonable. I’m willing to let the lip go for $225, and the side skirts for $375, and I will sell both for $550.

More info below.


To Bomex, Or Not To Bomex …

Well, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and I can’t really make my mind up!

I’ve been wanting to Bomex the MX up for quite some time, hell I wanted to do so before I bought the OEM gear, but for some reason I always JUST managed to resist the urge to do it, but guess what, that urge is back!

Thing is, I don’t want to get just the front bumper, I don’t like how there is a massive gap from the front flowing to the OEM side skirts. I’d be looking at getting some (either) matching Bomex, or Mazdaspeed side skirts.

Example below.

Looking at this picture long and hard, the Bomex front bumper is very similar to the factory setup, however it has more of an aggressive edge to it.

Considering the GV eyelids are coming to town very shortly, if I do follow through with the Bomex, my car will end up looking very similar to Urban’s dope NB.

Urban’s NB looks mega aggressive thanks to the pair. Driving shots + Bomex = Epic Win!

I’ve been chassis low for quite a while now, it’s fun and all, but I don’t really want to smash-up my oil pan anymore (especially at National Park!). Considering the new wheels are 16 inch, and I want to get a little more clearance (Chassis wise at least) for true spirited driving without worrying about glitches on the road, I think I will go the Bomex. Oh, and the car may look too high with the 16’s and OEM kit.

But what do you guys think? start voting!