Random Snap – 029


Garage Vary NB

These are the only pictures I’ve found of it, I don’t know what its set up for, Or what half the parts are on the car! Can anyone shed some light on this beast?

Roadster Of The Week – Andrew’s Boosted NB

Article Written By: Adam Zitka
Photography By: Andrew Vistnes

This week, We have yet another European Roadster gracing the pages. This Brilliant black NB belongs to Andrew. Andrew previously owned a stripped out BRG NA, But he decided he wanted a change, And he’s now converted to the dark side of forced induction.

This NB’s canvas has rather sleek and simple. Changes consist of OEM side skirts & Mud flaps, An Autokonexion bootlid, Garage Vary front lip, And Zoom Eng. fuel lid. Andrew also bought a hardtop for his NB, But instead of painting it brilliant black, He decided to paint it Marble White, one of the colours offered on the NC Roadsters. “After I got the HT on, I knew how the car should be. A mix between classic English sports car and Japan Eunos style”.

This statement is expressed loudly in the cockpit of this NB, As there really are a mix of JDM and british components in there. For instance, The cluster is an AWD piece, and those red leather seats are out of a Lotus Elise ! Like many, Andrew has ditched the airbagged wheel for a Nardi and quick release. He has also changed the gearknob for a wooden Nardi which gives an old british sports car vibe. Andrew doesn’t mind a bit of tunes too, So he has installed a Pioneer DVD head unit with bluetooth and GPS for those “let the road take me” drives.

As you may have guessed, The engine isn’t standard. Andrew has a MP62 Coldside supercharger strapped to the left hand side of the block, Which is managed by a PC-Pro piggy back computer. The headers are the best in the business … Maxim Works, which is followed by a Roadster Sport mid pipe, And muffler. The engine cover has been painted BRG and there is a flashy Nilex oil cap on there too.

With the extra grunt from the supercharger, Andrew thought it would be a good idea to upgrade the suspension. Stance GR+ coilovers have been installed, along with a 10th anniversary front undercarriage brace, and Racing Beat rear undercarriage brace. The wheels have been changed to a set of Compomotive ML’s in 15×8 sizing, Much wider than the OEM wheels, And would offer a tad more traction to say the least.

“My focus now is to upgrade the engine and brakes. The cold side MP62 behaves like a NA engine, but the torque needs a new clutch and the roads around here demands better brakes….lives on the west coast of Norway with lots of small,twisty roads around me which is perfect for me and my Mx-5.

There are many plans for the car, but maybe I build a fully track focused NA on throttle bodies and 13×8” next time.”

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on RoadsterGarage.net, then shoot us an email at roadstergarage@live.com.au

Congrats Andrew, You are the Roadster Of The Week!


-1999 mod NB8C (Brilliant black)
-OEM Small side skirts&rear mudflaps (tupperware)
-Hardtop painted in Marble White
-Red tinted rear lights
-Autokonexion fibreglass trunk (ducktail)
-Garage Vary front air dam
-Fuel Lid from ZOOM Engineering
-Euro styled brake lamp from ZOOM Engineering underneath the bumper.
-Engine oil cap from Nilex (M2-1002 replica)
-Valvecover painted in BRG color

-Org. Torsen® Limited slip differential
-Stance GR+ coilovers  (11.5/11.7 daily ridehight )
-Racing Beat rear subframe brace
-10th edt. frontbrace
-Mazdaspeed engine and diff mounts
-Compomotive  ML 15×8″ ET10
-195/50/R15 Yokohama S Drive tires

-Org.engine running with a Coldside MP65 supercharger  from fastforwardsuperchargers.com
-PC-Pro piggypack
-4-2-1 header from MaximWorks
-RoadsterSport midpipe
-RoadserSport 3 muffler
-Zeitronix datalogger (AFR,TPS,ETG,RPM,MAP)

-Gauge faces from ArtWorks Dewa (vers. NBS-R)
-Defi Genome (org.subaru STI) gauges, oil pressure/temp-water temp-boost
-Q.release bell and hub from WorksBell
-Nardi steeringweel
-Nardi wooden gear
-Lotus Elise seats in red leader (mounted on org.frame)
-240mm Broadway rear mirror
-Pioneer AVIX X3 (DVD,Navi, Bluetooth, GPS, Ipod…)

Just Another Day

Well last night I fitted the bomex bumper back, And whilst I was moving the cars around I snapped this cool picture. The colour difference is pretty noticable, But I’m not really fussed to be honest.

So anyway, I played around with the micra a little today, I installed the JDM cup holder thing finally, And took it for a spin around the block. It goes well  and it doesn’t make any nasty sounds. Every time I have another look at the K11, I find something new that my previous K11 didn’t have, This time the interior light slowly dims when the door closes rather than just turning off instantly. I can’t wait till we finally get it registered.

Oh yeah, A while ago I made a new intake for it, Seeing there is no A/C, There is nothing blocking the left  side of the engine bay, So new intake now draws in air from there. Excuse the mess!

This weekend, I am doing a photo shoot with MS Photography, As the RG MX-5 will be in the next issue of Miata Journal, It should be a fun weekend!

Stick around!

Random Snap – 021

Here’s an old picture of Urban’s NB way before he installed the bomex bumper and Demon Camber wheels. It’s still one of the best NB’s around IMO.

Random Snap – 018

Here’s Warwick sliding his NB8 around the track, good stuff!

Random Snap – 016

Rob’s NB has changed hands recently, It’s good to see the new owner keeping it similar to what Rob had it.