Get Your Car On RG.Net

RoadsterGarage are always looking for fresh new Roadsters to feature, whether it be an NA, NB or NC all is welcome!

What Do We Need?
What we need is a few pictures covering the basis of the Roadster, Interior, Exterior and engine bay are compulsory. A little bit of history about ownership and modifications installed on the Roadster you wish to submit, Is also needed.

Your Call!
Want to write your own feature? That’s no problem! It’s your choice on whether you would like to write your own article or not, the ball is in your court with that one. Credit will be given to whomever writes the article.

Things To Keep In Mind?
Please make sure that you have permission from your photographer to use their pictures on RG.Net. Also, Please notify me of their full name and website, So I can them credit for the photography in the article.

Where To Submit Your Roadster?
Easy, If your interested in getting your Roadster featured, then please send me an email at

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