Roadster Of The Week – Quad Throttled Frenchie

Off to France we go to find the “Roadster Of The Week”!

I spotted this jem on … yep, Club Roadster sure seem to be pumping out wild Roadsters from across the globe, and Lyderic’s NA sure does enforce this.

He has owned the car for two years. The car was originally “Classic Red”, and full of rust. So Lyderic and his friends got to work to create the work of art, that it is today.

While the gang sorted out the rust, Lyderic decided to re-spray the car (inside and out) Crystal white, they also attached a set of Autokonexion flares and a OEM front lip to the NA6.

Bringing the height down are a set of Zenki Racing SS adjustable coilovers, and filling those big arches are a set of Sportmax/XXR 002’s in 15×8, 0 offset. The 20-year-old chassis has been strengthened by front and rear lower braces, a Eunos Roadster front strut brace and a carbing 4 point roll bar.

The amount of work that has gone into Lyderic’s NA is exceptional, but the icing on the cake is a recent addition that made him drive to the U.K to fit and tune.

A set of Fuji-Racing IRTB’s have been bolted to the side of the 1.6 litre engine, and is managed by a MegaSquirt PNP computer. The rest of the engine has been modified too, there are Raceland 4-2-1 headers paired with a MX-5 Parts catback exhaust, 8mm spark plug leads, Exedy clutch, and XTD 4lb flywheel just to name a few.

Lyderic has kept the interior nice and simple. A Momo Prototipo steering wheel, HKS shift knob and Eunos Roadster stainless door plates are the only changes that have been made to the inside of the Roadster.

A 1.8 litre brake conversion has been applied, and paired with EBC green stuff brake pads and Goodridge brake fluid. This setup should keep the new-found power at bay quite easily.

To catch up on Lyderic’s build, check out the link below, and have a quick look at the restoration process.

And remember guys, if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congratulations Lyderic, you are this weeks Roadster.


Roadster Of The Week – Mike’s NB Miata

This weeks Roadster is yet another from the American forum,

Mike’s NB has always been a favorite of mine, and when the opportunity came to feature it, I jumped straight on it!

He is no stranger to the NB Roadster, owning one before this silver beast (which was supercharged mind you). He wanted to gain more out of the Miata, and when the Titanium SE went up for sale, he couldn’t resist the temptation to own it.

The main thing(s) that drew Mike into the purchase of this MX5 was the whole package created by the P.O, Willwood brakes, Flyin Miata  FMII Turbo Kit, undercarriage Bracing and Ohlins suspension all tied together to create a type of car that he wanted his NB8A to become.

“my car at the time was an emerald green 99 Miata that had just about every bolt-on possible, It wasn’t a fast car. Quick, yes, but I wanted more.” 

The car was purchased as a good package to begin with, but Mike couldn’t help himself to further modifying the Miata.

Cosmetic changes consist of the Garage Vary bumper, Bomex mirrors, OEM large side skirts, OEM small rear mudflaps, Mazdaspeed headlights and spoiler, to name a few.

Mike has installed an array of factory parts in the interior like 10AE seats, 2003 Miata Sinshen Edition door panel inserts, and a NB8A cluster.

The Engine sure packs that punch Mike has looked for, for so long. It is running the FMII kit with an upgraded intercooler, 550cc injectors, 3 inch turbo back exhaust and  Hydra Nemesis ECU. Cooling is aided with a PWR Radiator and Custom coolant reroute.

Suspension has been upgraded with Ohlins coilovers, Flyin Miata swaybars, flyin Miata rear cannon brace and a Beatrush PPF and Diff brace.

Braking is happily looked after by the Brembo Gran Turismo 12.5″ 2 piece rotors and 4 piston calipers.

The Titanium NB makes roughly 270hp at the wheels, with stock internals. Whats more impressive is that this is Mike’s daily driver, and it occasionally sees Auto X, track days and even a little bit of drifting.

To get in contact with Mike, view more photos, or see how his build, his user name is “Doppelganger”. You can also find him on cardomain and his pictures on Flickr

Congrats Mike, you are this weeks ROTW!

Roadster Of The Week – Jess’s NA Miata

It’s that time of the week again, and another fresh face on the RoadsterGarage Blog.

Jess from Ohio America, owns this wicked NA series Miata. I’ve stumbled across this NA on quite a few times, and I knew it was the perfect candidate for RROTW!

Jess (XCLR8TN), bought the Miata in July 2006, as a standard model, But now, well there isn’t really much thats been left from factory.

The exterior, is rather simple, but aggressive. With only an R package front lip, TSI’s and autoknexion spoiler moulded into the boot lid.

The wheels of choice are 15×7 +13 Kosei K1’s … PAINTED IN CANDY PURPLE! you read right, Jess has gone all out with the candy purple too, as you will notice as there are pieces everywhere scattered in the colour.

Moving onto the interior, you may notice that there isn’t much left in there!

The whole interior has been stripped, carpet … sound deadening, trim, soft top it even lacks a radio!  It has just the bare essentials, Racing seat, harness and steering wheel, thats all you need right?

Now with a stripped interior, you would expect the suspension setup to be pretty full on yeah? Jess’s NA is extremely rigid thanks to the Harddog hard-core dual diagonal half cage and Flying Miata sill and butterfly braces.

The car has been lowered to the pavement thanks to the Stance AL+ coilovers, camber is sorted out by the TCSportline rear upper control arms, and NB upper front control arms.

Jess has recently force-fed the engine with a Greddy turbo kit, ETD manifold, and upgraded exhaust.

Next on the cards is a new set of wheels to freshen the look of her ride. They should be an interesting outcome.

Congratulations Jess, you are this weeks Random Roadster!

Roadster Of The Week – Nate’s Slammed NC

As most know of the infamous “Slammed Thread” on, there are plenty of dope Miatas that pop up.

But there is nothing like Nate’s slammed NC, see, Nate was the very first NC to be slammed … thats right, and what a way to set the benchmark!

In this case, sometimes the simple things can set the tone for the whole car.

As it stands, this NC is rolling on some BBS’s in some pretty spastic sizes, 16×9 with an offset of +8 and + 28 sounds pretty rad, don’t you think? These are wrapped around in some Falken 512 tyres with 205/45/16 sizing.

Nate has performed the basic bolt on mods, like coilovers and exhaust, he also tinted the tail lights red, it looks better then factory IMHO.

Nate plans to space out the wheels, and get the offset lower to +3 and +8, I cant wait to see that!

Congrats Nate, you are the RoadsterGarage ROTW!