In The Build – “Project Drifting Pretty”

This guy literally popped out of nowhere. He was living in Japan and bought a turbocharged NA8 before arriving to the states. He then chucked a widebody on it and slid it … until he blew the engine. This build gets more interesting by the day. Check it out here.


Random Snap – 011

Here’s Chris’s NA8 looking mighty fine at the Circuit Club “Queens Birthday” track day yesterday.

The Dodgy Day!

Saturday morning, I found myself in Peakhurst, I was on my way to an MX5cartalk members house, as he was hosting a dodgy day, And let me tell you … shit got dodgy!

I had a great day, many laughs were had and we actually got a few things done (well … kinda).

Highlights from the day would have to be the line marker/wrinkle painted Garage Vary front lip, and Adam attempting to glue his dip stick back together!

Thanks again Adam for your hospitality, and taking the time to have some fellow Roadster nutters over!

Here’s my pictures from the day, I hope everyone enjoys them.

Random Snap – 008

Some may remember Chris Lee’s NA8 featured on Triple Zoom many years ago. Well now it’s back with a new look!

Roadster Of The Week – Phil’s NA8

New week, New Roadster!

This British Racing Green NA8 is from Burbage, U.K. Phil Roberts purchased his first Roadster back in the Summer of 2008, and has been piecing it together, ever since.

“I bought it in the summer of 2008. I was in my second year of uni and I really fancied changing my car (I previously had a Ford Ka). I was looking into the whole Celica GT4, Civic SIR, MR2 Turbo route and my dad said that I should buy an MX5 as all the Prodrive chassis development engineers raved about them (he was a senior manager there). A guy at uni bought a 1994 MK1 and fitted a set of Rota Slipstreams and some Gaz coilovers, when I saw the car I fell in love with it, and later that day I found Club Roadster.”

“Ever since then I have been hooked on these cars. The parts that I got for the car mainly came up by luck. The wheels, seats, bumper, exhaust, suspension, Nakamae centre console, 1028 mirrors (which aren’t fitted yet) all came off the MX5 Nutz in the classified section.”

The exterior has been kept simple and stylish, An RS Aizawa front bumper, and YSCC replica ducktail have been installed. Timeless 14×6.5 RS Watanabe wheels have been bolted to the hubs of the NA8, They were sprayed Matt black by Phil himself. It also has rare RS Watanabe center caps too! Helping this BRG achieve a lower ride height are a set of  HSD HR coilovers.

The interior is in a league of its own, Phil has managed to source a stack of rare parts for the NA8’s cockpit, like the Nakamae centre console, and the insane Eunos Roadster RS Ltd Recaro Bucket seats. There are only 500 pairs of these seats world-wide!

“I never thought that only 1 year after seriously getting the JDM bug I’d have my car taking the shape it has. I thought I would never be able to find the parts I currently own.”

The 1.8 litre engine has a mild revision, with a Racing Beat 4 to 1 headers bolted to a Car Make Corn*s one piece exhaust system. The factory intake has been ditched for a Goodwin Racing Monsterflow carbon fibre intake. Don’t be fooled though, Phil has some big plans for the power plant.

“The ultimate aim is to go for Fuji Racing IRTB’s, a 1999 port polished head, revy cams and all the valve gear. I don’t want to push massive horsepower, I just want instant throttle response and a big sound.”

“The car is by no means complete. This car will be a long-term project, if I ever sell the car I will be keeping the aftermarket parts as that’s what makes the car.”

We are looking forward to see what your NA8 becomes Phil!

Remember guys, We are currently looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Phil, Your this weeks Roadster Of The Week!


Goodwin Racing Monsterflow Intake
Racing Beat 4-1 Manifold
OEM catalyst
Car Make Corn*s one piece exhaust


YSCC Ducktail replica
Sidemounted number plate
RS Aizawa front bumper
1028 replica mirrors (not fitted yet)


Eunos Roadster RS Ltd Recaro Bucket seats
Nardi 365mm steering wheel
Works Bell Rapfix 2
Momo hub
Nakamae centre console
Maruha Motors gearknob
Custom vintage door pulls
Eunos Roadster floor mats

Wheels/ Suspension:

HSD HR coilovers
RS Watanabe wheels – Front: F8F 14 X 6.5 + 30
Rear: B Type 14 X 6.5 + 14.5
RS Watanabe centre caps
Toyo Proxe CF1 185/60/14

Roadster Of The Week – Dob’s Charged NA8


Snaps: Dob
Blurp: Adam Zitka

This weeks Roadster is from the North East of the U.K, but it was imported from Japan in 2006 by the owner, Dob. It’s a 1995 Eunos S special, which was factory when it was imported into the U.K, but within four years of ownership, there was bound to be some changes.

The exterior has been dramatically changed, the body kit consists of a wisdom front bar, Buthe Motorsports side skirts, and OEM Replica rear lip. The Vented bonnet is actually Carbon Fibre, but has been painted black, it helps keeps things cool in the engine bay. Other changes to the body include a flush rear number plate panel, east bear headlight surrounds, smoked lights, and a hardtop, to name a few.

Moving right along to the engine compartment, and you’ll notice it doesn’t look like a normal Roadster engine bay, Thats because Dob has bolted a Jackson Racing M45 supercharger to the side of it. Other mods were installed to maximise the power, and increase safety to have a consistent, problem free setup. 440cc injectors, a Track Dog Racing intercooler kit, Flyin Miata high flow cat, Apexi N1 exhaust and a Walbro fuel pump. Everything is controlled by a Greddy E-manage Ultimate. The Roadster now makes 200hp (149kw) at the wheels.

KYB gear climb springs lower the car, and improve handling, whilst the roll bar helps stiffen the chassis. Dob’s wheels of choice are 16×8 +35 Rota cup wheels. He has gone a step further by adding Initial D inspired graphics on the lip of each wheel.

The interior has had a make over, the standard seats have been covered in creme and black leather, a creme gear boot and hand brake boot has been made to suit. A Momo coarse steering wheel replaces the OEM Nardi, and a quick release hub has been fitted.

Dob has decided enough is enough, and this NA8 is now for sale. He has another car lined up that will be going in a different direction, think of what the So-Cal boys do … it’s catching on around the globe!

And remember guys, We are currently looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Good luck with your new project Dob, and congratulations, your this weeks ROTW.

Roadster Of The Week – Joe’s NA6 V – Special

This weeks Roadster is from the Australian Capital Territory, The owner’s name is Joe, and he has owned it since February 08.

This particular model is a 1993 V- Special NA6, which was imported into Australia in the late 90’s. It started life as an automatic, but has had an engine and transmission upgrade to the 1.8 litre variants. This was done by the previous owners.

Soon after purchase, Joe had realised that the car was still using the NA6 ECU, and was running rather rich. So he decided to rectify the problem by installing an Autronic SM4 ECU. Tuning not only fixed the problems that the NA6 ECU caused, but it also have the MX-5 a power boost, 90.4 RWKW to be exact.

Since purchase, Joe has made a few changes to his NA6’s Exterior. A Garage Vary front lip and vented carbon fibre bonnet spruce up the front end, whilst there are little touches like the clear indicators and reflectors tie the clean look together.

A recent addition that has transformed the look of the Roadster are the new 14X7 inch Enkei RPF1’s in +19 offset. As some may know these are very desirable in this size, and as far as Joe knows he may have the only set in Australia. The RPF1’s happen to be wrapped in some 185/60/14 Bridgestone RE001 tyres.

Interior has had some attention, since the stock seats were showing their age, Joe decided to replace them with a pair of Mazdaspeed sports seats. The factory wood grain Nardi has been changed for a cool Nardi Gara sport steering wheel. The changes look great with the factory tan interior.

The factory Bilstien suspension still remains in the car, but Joe has upgraded the brakes, and now NA8 calipers and rotors rest on the hubs, all round.

Next on the cards for the NA6 are a set of coilovers, and some sort of roll bar/cage.

If your interested in updates, or what Joe’s car had started from, then check out the link below.

And remember guys, if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

There you have it folks, Joe’s NA6 … The Roadster Of The Week!