The Weekend

This weekend I did quite a bit, I did some more planning for the engine swap and had a talk to Anthony from Dahtone Racing. I’ve decided to hand the job over to him, Purely to the fact that I know it will be the quickest way to get the engine in, And that warranty will be covered if something goes wrong, As a professional has installed it. In saying that, I will be there every day after work tinkering on it myself.

Saturday, I mocked up the oil cooler in front of the driver’s side tyre right in front of the air duct. I managed to get it sitting in a great position without the lines getting in the way of anything. I’ll need to make up some mounts now.

Sunday, A set of NB series II tail lights popped up on MX5-Cartalk, And they had my name all over them! A few messages later I was at Andrews door grabbing these puppies. As some might know, I’ve always been debating whether to get these lights or not. Now I say that I am extremely happy with my decision.

Normally these would take 10 minutes to install, But because I am so difficult it took me a little longer. Reason for this is because I have my rear reflectors tapped into the tail light harness. Me, Being a smarty pants figured that I could use the series I loom on the new tail lights, But the bulb holders are of different shape, So that was a no go.  Anyway I tapped the new loom, Soldered the wires and plugged it all up, It really is amazing what a small change can do.

So now I have my standard tail lights for sale, Which are in immaculate condition mind you, There isn’t a scratch on them! I’m looking for $180 for these and will ship anywhere in Australia. Tomorrow I will be picking up my engine and ringing around to see if I can find a 6 speed and a Greddy oil cooler adaptor locally.


A Roadster Has Fallen

Some may remember this Roadster from a recent ROTW. Anyway, Chris had an accident in it not too long ago, And has decided to part the car out. Here’s a few pictures of the carnage that went on.

Hitting a concrete pole at 80km/h an hour will cause this kinda damage. It’s good to know that Chris is ok though (bar a few cuts and stitches), It could have been a lot worse.

To check out whats left on his car, Check this out.

Group Buy: 5mm Hubcentric Spacers

I’m thinking of getting some spacers laser cut for my car.

However, there is a minimum order of 12 pieces to get the ball rolling.

The more we want, the cheaper it will end up being.

They will be made of mild steel ( I will talk to them about other materials, pending interest) , 5mm thick and be made for 4×100 PCD.

There is one problem though, the laser can only cut in .5mm increments, so the closest we can get is 54mm, so I’d probably need a machining shop to shave .1mm out of each spacer so they can sit on the hub. Unless there are other ways (ideas anyone ?)

The process of cutting would take no longer than a week.

These would be perfect for guys wanting to run 6UL’s and need some clearance from the strut, or any other wheels that need more clearance from the braking/suspension components. you shouldn’t need to run extended studs with this size either.

I’m happy to ship anywhere in Australia.

At this rate, we should be able to do $50 a pair pending machining etc. Like I said earlier, the more people after some, the cheaper it will work out for everyone.

Add your name to the list if your interested. State how many you would be after too.

1.RoadsterGarage (pair)

Flyin Miata Butterfly Section

Look’s like I’ll be needing to either modify the whole exhaust, or the butterfly section to work with my car, And honestly I’m not that bothered to do so.

So I’ve decided to put it up for sale.

I’m looking for $320 for the wings, and centre brace.

I will ship at buyers expense.

Located In Liverpool region.

OEM Side Skirts On Ebay

My OEM side skirts are now on Ebay at a stupid starting price!

Happy bidding!

Konig Afterburners For Sale

Seeing that the S14 is going in a different direction, it’s time to let go of Julie’s beloved wheels.

They are Konig Afterburners, 20×8.5 +40 at the front and 20×10 +35 at the rear,. They are 5×114.3 stud pattern.

The titanium is basically like a rainbow, amazing to view in person, and through out certain lighting etc.

Julie purchased these wheels early last year and she has had many compliments about them, and now they are no longer sold in Australia in this size/offset, so nows the chance to grab some sick, unique wheels!

The tyres are shot all round, the rears in particular, but would (should) last a few weeks.

The wheels are located in the Liverpool region, We are after $3000 ONO

It’s Offcial!

It’s Official guys! I’ve ordered myself a Bomex front bumper, and Mazdaspeed A-Spec sideskirts from Japan.

I’ve always liked the Bomex front bumper, and I’ve finally bitten the bullet to get one. It will give the car a fresh look for 2010.

Unsure on arrival dates yet, shouldn’t be more than 2 months.

So on that note, my OEM front lip, and side skirts are now for sale. Considering how hard these are to get in Australia nowadays (as Mazda Australia no longer stock them). I think what I am after is reasonable. I’m willing to let the lip go for $225, and the side skirts for $375, and I will sell both for $550.

More info below.