In The Build – All Out NA

I spotted this build thread on CR and The owner hasn’t held back at all, He’s built the motor, widened the guards, full cage and beefed up the transmission. Check it out here.


Random Snap – 026

Roadster Of The Week – Kevin’s NA6.8

Article Written By: Adam Zitka
Pictures Taken By: Kevin Davey

This stunning mariner blue NA6 belongs to Kevin Davey. He has owned his Miata since 2003 and has been tinkering with it as soon as he purchased it. This NA6 is Kevin’s daily driver and track car so mods have been kept conservative. For instance, He has left the air-con and climate control untouched.

The exterior has been kept extremely simple, With the only modifications being an R-package front lip, M1028 Vitaloni Mirrors and a Carbon fiber NACA duct headlight lid. Kevin has recently added a set of 15 inch Work Miester S1 wheels to his NA6, which replace the 949 Racing 6UL’s that were previously on the car.

The Engine has been drastically modified. For starters the B6 donk has been jacked for a 1.8 litre setup. The block is from a 97 model, And the Head is off the BP-4W engine, Found in the 98-00 NB. Kevin hasn’t just slapped these together. The whole setup has been rebuilt. A set of Hi-Compression Supertech pistons have been stuffed into the block. The head has been mildly ported & polished, And a MazdaSpeed Miata intake cam shaft has replaced the OEM cam. Kev’s new setup made 130HP at the wheels after break in, On a rather safe tune.

Kevin has updated the interior with an NB steering wheel, And a pair of Bride Vios III seats. Some Corbeau 5 point harnesses help strap Kevin, And his passenger in when competing in track days. Kevin grasps a RE Amemiya gear knob when shifting the six speed gear box, And places his feet on some Aluminum pedal covers.

Seeing this is a track car, The suspension has been well looked after. The standard shocks and springs have been replaced for a set of Tein Flex with F9kg/R6kg springs. A Racing Beat tubular front swaybar has been installed to the front of the NA, And the power steering has been removed for better steering response.

Seeing the new engine setup makes a-lot more power then the standard engine did. Kevin opted to install a Goodwin Wilwood big brake kit, With Porterfield RS4 brake pads for the street, And Carbotech XP12 brake pads for the track. A Wilwood brake proportioning valve has also been installed to adjust the brake bias.

Kevin’s future plans include a full set of gauges to monitor engine vitals, Energy suspension Hyperflex bushings, And an R-Package rear lip. For more photos of Kevin’s Miata check this link out.

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Congrats Kevin, You’re the Roadster Of The Week!



’97 1.8 Block
11:1 84mm Supertech Pistons by 949Racing
’99 Head with a mild port and polish
MSM Intake Cam
OBX 4-2-1 Header
Magnaflow 2.5″ exhaust
MTuned Duel Feed fuel rail
NB “purple” Injectors 265cc
MTuned Coolant Reroute
Goodwin MonsterFlow Carbon Fiber intake
PWR Aluminum Radiator
Samco Silicon Hoses
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
MegaSquirt PnP ECU
Mazdaspeed engine mounts


ACT 6 Puck Clutch
ACT 9lb Flywheel
6 speed transmission
4:30 Torsen differential


Tein Flex with 9kg front and 6kg rear springs
Racing Beat tubular front swaybar
Goodwin Wilwood Big Brake Kit
Wilwood Brake proportioning valve
Porterfield RS4 brake pads (street)
Carbotech XP12 brake pads (track)
Stainless steel brake lines
Depowered steering rack


Work Meister S1’s 15×7.5 w/ 195/50 R15 General UHP tires (street)
949Racing 6UL’s 15×8 w/ 205/50 R15 Toyo R888’s
949Racing Aluminum lugnuts


NB Nardi Steering wheel
RE Amemiya shift knob
IL Motorsports center console
Bride Vios III Sport seats
Corbeau 5 point harnesses
Boss Frog Clearview roll bar and harness bar
Aluminum Pedal covers


R Package front lip
M1028 Vitaloni Mirrors with concave mirrors
Carbon fiber NACA duct headlight lid

Roadster Of The Week – Shintaro’s NA

Article written by:
Shintaro Maeda
Pictures taken by: Shintaro Maeda

A Miata is a car that I never thought I would own. I was with everyone else thinking it was a girl’s car. However, a big mistake I made during my freshman year in college changed everything. At the time I was peaking my interest in modifying cars. I thought it would be a great idea to take out student loans to buy a sr20det motor to put in my 240sx. A terrible idea that has been. I blew the motor with-in three months because of my inexperience in tuning turbo cars. Not having enough money to rebuild the motor and buy text books, I was forced to part out the car. After learning an expensive lesson, I started looking for another daily driver.

 I still wanted a rear wheel drive car, and it had to be with-in my student budget. After doing some research, I knew the Miata was the answer. The car was very affordable and amazingly fun to drive. After driving one for the first time all the misconceptions I had were blown away. Since this car had to last me through college, I wanted to make it as simple and reliable as possible. Ruling forced induction out of the equation, I went with some mild modifications to enhance the fun-factor of the car.

 Engine-wise, it has a timing advance, Jackson racing intake, headers, borla cat-back, and a test pipe. Exedy stage 1 clutch and Fidanza flywheel have been installed aswell. Suspension consists of H&R springs, AGX shocks, Fat Cat Motorsports tophats and bumpstops. Stopping power is increased with 1.8 brake upgrade with Hawk HP plus pads. At the time I purchased the car I didn’t know anything about the color. After finding out that it was British Racing Green, and that it was a special edition color, I knew I had to build the exterior of the car to mimick the vintage racers of the 60’s.

 The hood has been stripped and polished with Jeep louvers riveted in. The mirror is a Ray-dot replica with a base plate made from an old piece of aluminum I found lying around. To further exentuate the vintage style, a Brainstorm fuel lid has been installed. The car also has RS Aizawa headlight duct, K.G.Works spoiler, OEM lip, Metro Motorsports antenna, and Rennenmetal towhooks.

 There are few bits in the interior as well such as Hard Dog roll bar, Daikei hub, NRG quick-release, and VooDoo shift knob. I have to say buying a Miata has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The car has gotten me through college without issue and I feel I’ve learned a lot more about tuning cars. Now that I’ve graduated and managed to get a full-time job, the Miata has been released of its daily driver duties to weekend-driver status. Future plans include a much-needed paint-job and a supercharger. I feel ready to take on the challenge of forced-induction once again.

Roadster Of The Week – Stance is everything!

Words: Adam Zitka
Pictures: Dilly & Jay

This week, we have a very special Miata from the So-cal scene to grace the pages. You could say that this Roadster is the successor to Peter Li’s famous red NA, but we all know that Jay’s NA8 holds its own.

Jay has owned his Roadster for roughly 2 years now, he purchased it from his friend’s friend. 3 weeks after he had bought it, he crashed it.

“After that, I realized that safety should be my primary concern, so I got a roll bar. The paint didn’t seem like it was worth fixing, so I just spray canned it, and left it. Anyways, everyone knows that battle scars are fun. There’s always a story behind every scar.”

Just having a quick glance at this Brilliant Black Miata shows the amazing ride height and wheel fitment that it has. The chrome wheels really pop against the dark hue of this NA8. The wheels are none other than  Work Eurolines, in 15×8 – 5 sizing. The tyres wrapped around the Works are a set of Toyo T1R in 195/45/R15.

The rest of the exterior is compiled by a rather mangled Autokonexion front lip, OEM R-Package rear lip, OEM mud guards, and a hardtop.

“I’ve been through about 8 different suspension setups, and 6 different sets of wheels, this latest set were from a good friend – Peter Li. You’ve probably seen them on his red Miata.”

It just goes to show that when your playing the slammed game, experimentation is what gets the results you are after.

So whats the secret to getting this Miata so low? Believe it or not, a set of STD coilovers that have been modified for terrorising the pavement.

The interior has been slightly revamped, with a Sparco steering wheel, Eunos Roadster gear knob, an Aero design drivers seat, and a Hard Dog Single Diagonal Roll Bar.

The engine has also had some basic breathing mods, like a thermal R&D exhaust, Magnaflow Muffler and Racing beat intake.

Thats all that’s needed to create a great driving experience, even better.

“I’m planning on changing it all up again, so this is quite probably the last time people will actually see my car on the road like this.”

We can’t wait to see what you do next Jay.

There were so many pictures that could have been used, but unfortunately there is only so many we can pick. However there is a tribute to all the pictures that didn’t make the cut below.

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Congrats Jay, your this weeks ROTW!