The Plan Of Attack

Ok, Now that I’ve got my funds sorted, It is time to plan the attack. I want to set up the car so it can handle anything I throw at it, I want a lot of seat time next year to improve my driving skills and to enjoy the car for what it has become. So, I’ve decided to replace the engine instead or rebuilding it. I’m also (hopefully) going to run a 6 speed gearbox too. I’ve noticed that my brakes aren’t what they used to be either, So I’ll be doing a rebuild on the calipers (Or I might try and source some NB big brakes), And replacing the lines with some Stainless braid.

I’ve lined up an engine with less than 30k on it. So I’ll be picking it up on the monday. My hunt for a gearbox is still going on, And I need to sort out the oil cooler plate and other little things before the current engine and gearbox come out.

After it’s all said and done, The RG MX-5 should be a very fun, And hassle free car to drive!

Stick around!


Loose Ends

Today I spent some time doing the little things. I needed some more clearance on parts of the guards as is was scrubbing pretty bad on big bumps. My guard rollers still broken, so I resorted to the trusty mallet, some news paper, and my hands. It ended up working well surprisingly.

I also painted the mounting points of the engine damper, Being exposed metal and all, It wasn’t long until they had some surface rust. A quick sand and spray later and they were as good as new, They look a little nicer too.

I still need to adjust my steering wheel (it’s off centered), And my shortshifter seems to be vibrating at high RPM’s, I’ll check that out too. That’s all to report really, The next Twilight drift night is 2 weeks away, So I’m trying to sort out all the little bugs lurking in the car before then.

New Logo ?!?!

Well some might have noticed a new looking logo on the last random snap. I’ve been designing many variations for a while now, but I didn’t know what I was after. I knew that it needed to be a simple design for it to work as water marks and stickers. So after weeks of scratching my brain, I’m finally happy with the design below.

If your interesting in purchasing some stickers, then click here.

Weekend Photoshoot

Well today I decided to give the car a wash and take some snaps of it. Thanks panda for coming out and giving me a hand <3.

This will probably be the last time the car will be clean until the kit is painted.

Enjoy the photos guys!

Random Snap – 014

Still sorting out the ride height, But heres a decent picture with all the wheels mounted.