In The Build – All Out NA

I spotted this build thread on CR and The owner hasn’t held back at all, He’s built the motor, widened the guards, full cage and beefed up the transmission. Check it out here.


In The Build – Nissan Powered Miata

Here’s something I haven’t seen before. A bunch of engineers and students in Texas, Are planning on dumping a VG30DETT engine into the NA’s bay. It should make for an interesting build indeed!

Check it out here.

In The Build – Josh’s Bad Ass Drifter

This build has been going on for quite a few years (3 to be exact!). In a nut shell, Josh had smashed the car up. He then decided to completely rebuild the car from scratch to Formula D specifications.

The amount of custom fabrication and effort gone into this NA is amazing. The whole front end is a tube chassis, The engine makes over 400HP, and the car will be wearing a carbon fibre wide body kit. truly dope! You must check this out! Be sure to have an hour or so spare … Theres over 50 pages to go through.

Just take a moment to admire all the work in the engine bay alone! Keep it up Josh!

In The Build – Jess’s LS6 Miata

Some might recognise this car from one of the early ROTW features, Well Jess managed to blow the Turbocharged B6 that used to live in this BRG. Now instead of replacing the engine for another B6, She has come up with a rather wild idea. Jess is putting a Corvette Z06 engine into her Roadster.

All I can say is, This thing is going to be absolutely mental!

Check out the build here.

In The Build – “Project Drifting Pretty”

This guy literally popped out of nowhere. He was living in Japan and bought a turbocharged NA8 before arriving to the states. He then chucked a widebody on it and slid it … until he blew the engine. This build gets more interesting by the day. Check it out here.

In The Build – Aussie NB Drag Car

This man is no stranger to Drag racing, nor to MX-5’s, He previously owned 13BT NA which he managed to get blasting down the quarter at the time of 9.49 seconds @136mph.

Now he is back, and is building an NB with only one goal in mind … to be the fastest MX-5 body drag car in the world.

Check out the link below for the build thread.

In The Build – Autokonexion GT NB Wide Body

The guys at Autokonexion are working on a wide body kit for the NB series Roadster. These pictures are a little old but it is looking pretty damn good!

I can’t wait to see the outcome.