It’s Back!

That’s right! The car is out of Dahtone Racing’s workshop, And boy does it go good! The engine runs silky smooth, Doesn’t blow smoke, And really hammers! It’s everything I asked for. The 6 speed makes a massive difference with gearing too, Paired up with my 4.1 diff it has super short ratios which improve acceleration dramatically. So anyway, I fitted the hardtop to see if it actually worked with my cage … Thankfully it does! It looks funny red though, So Kelly came around and let me try his hard top. Thanks again bro!

So next step is painting my hardtop, Stick around for that!


Ready To Roll …

Well, Almost ready to roll. I went past Dahtone HQ on the way home from work, And it doesn’t look like much is left. I really can’t wait to drive it, Very curious to see how it performs with a manual engine and 6 speed!

Falling Into Place

So today the boys reassembled the new engine, Fitting it with a gates high performance belt, Mahura thermostat and other little goodies, And it now rests in its new home. Earlier today I dropped off the newly acquired 6 speed at the shop too (Which I thank a forum member for sourcing it). All I need to do now is sort out the oils, I’ve decided to give Royal Purple 10-40W a whirl on the engine, And I think I’ll stick to Redline’s shock proof light weight gear oil for the gearbox for the time being.

Last night, I finally scored myself a OEM hardtop. I’ve missed out on quite a few of them lately and I have been wanting one for quite a while as the soft top is starting to look a little worn. It’s currently classic red in colour, So a colour change is on the cards within the next fort night.

There’s still some bits and bobs that needed to be fitted to the engine, And Anthony still needs to reroute the wiring looms and fit up the oil cooler. So we are looking are looking at early next week for the car to be complete.

Stick around.

Flying Start

This was the first thing I saw when I went to Dahtone after work today, They sure don’t mess around! The engine and gearbox are out, and most of the parts have already been swapped over. I was pretty happy to see everything coming together.

Heres the engines dominating the workshop.

Theres lots of goodies scattered everywhere! I managed to catch Anthony in time for the Maruha oil pan baffle install too. It’s such an easy job and great insurance too.

Another cool gadget fitted on the new engine is the Greddy oil cooler adaptor plate with built-in thermostat.  As you might of read earlier I was supplied the wrong thread and a replacement was going to cost me $40! However we managed to use my threaded sleeve off my previous sandwich plate. The cool thing about these is that the thermostat is built into the plate, and you have the option to run sensors to the plate, As there are four outlets.

Tomorrow, I’m guessing the engine will be ready to put back in the car, We’ll take it as it comes.

Stick around!

It Has Begun

Today I dropped off the MX-5 at Dahtone Racing, Along with the goodies that will be installed. I managed to duck out to Hi-Octane Racing too to get my hands on a Greddy oil cooler adaptor, But they have supplied me with the wrong thread size. Hmmm.

Anyway, ForMaz were pretty generous with this engine, I scored alot of goodies like the clutch and alternator. I stripped most of the parts that we wont be using, So if you after any bits or pieces, Just give me a bell.