RoadsterGarage MX-5 Sound clips

Today, I managed to get some sound clips of the MX-5 with the new exhaust setup.

Excuse the quality of the videos, and my lack of knowledge on how to edit them!

Yes, I still need to purchase the embedding option, all in good time.

Props to John H for helping out.


ECV open, 0-7000rpm … WOT

ECV  Half Closed 0-4000rpm … cruising pace You can actually hear my ORC Hyper Single clutch engage now!

Drive By, 0-7000rpm, ECV Open


Apexi ECV Installation


Yesterday, Adan had a chance to finally redesign the exhaust once again .., for good.

I had a Lukey Performance resonator and Apexi ECV installed to help keep the exhaust as quiet as possible.

So, my goal was to have the same loudness that it had with the silencer in it, And i am glad to say that it isn’t far off. It’s actually a bit louder now, but the tone of the exhaust has completely changed, the typical 4 cylinder rasp has been eliminated.

Another problem that has also been eliminated, is the rubbing on the racing beat rear subframe brace. The flange on the midpipe was pushed back, but weirdly enough we didn’t need to modify any of the RSR pipe work.

We mounted the ECV just after the resonator as Apexi informs, And we mounted the control module just above the driver’s seat.

Now I have heard a lot of complaints that the ECV doesn’t quieten the exhaust very well. But in my case, the ECV quietens my setup down completely, It could almost pass for a stock sounding exhaust on light load.

In the next few days, I will get some videos up, to help show how good the Apexi ECV really is.

Shut Up!

I just bought myself a Apexi ECV (Exhaust Control Valve) from Ebay in the us.

This will put my loud exhaust to rest when need be, and hopefully keep me out of a bit of trouble.

I managed to score it for $202AU shipped, not to bad considering the vendors on AU Ebay want $330 for these bits of kits.

Should arrive in a week or two, and will be installed shortly after that.

As for the car, at this stage it is looking to be registered on Tuesday!

Stay Tuned!

It’s Alive!

That right guys, the MX-5 is alive!

I received an SMS 1 hour before I finished work today, it was from Anth, ” the car is almost ready to go”, so excited the remaining hour felt like forever.

Anyway, 4 o’clock finally arrived, and I was out the door, and on the way to Dahtone Racing.

So, I haven’t seen the car in a few days, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how the progress went.

Anth said to me, “we’ll start the car tonight” my eyes literally glowed, the amount of excitement I had was unbelievable.

We had a few hiccups to before that perfect crank of the key, it started!, but was running in limp mode “Oh shit!” I thought, what could it be?

Turns out somethings going on with the Piggyback, it seems to respond on the reds, but when the engine is running it doesn’t respond. So for now we bypassed it to see how it ran … Perfect!

The sound emitted from the exhaust was amazing, it’s extremely loud, yet beautifully crisp thanks to that incredible RS*R muffler. The N power headers really beef up the tone of the car too.

Anthony wanted to make sure the gearbox wasn’t a “dud”, so he went through all the gears and it all went smoothly.

There are a few little bits and pieces left, which will all be completed tomorrow. I can’t wait!

This is how the engine bay currently looks, if I do end up getting the Bomex bumper, I will probably make a duct for the Flow Stack to the passenger side inlet.

Till Tomorrow guys!

RSR In Its Final Stages!

Well the past few days have been pretty epic! Adan came past yesterday and we finalised the mounts and got everything welded.

We then used some Septone engine enamel flat black and sprayed the whole setup. The Results are below.

The complete exhaust all painted. Notice the de-cat has the standard cat shield on it.

Bolted onto the car for the last time, yes we kept the RS*R badge and mounted back in a similar place from factory.

We kept the standard badge and remounted it into a similar position as what it came out of the factory.

It sounds great, and gave a vast performance increase … I really couldn’t be happier.

To have a listen, check out RoadsterGarage on YouTube, or click the link the below. I will try to get a better video up ASAP.

Next I will be completing my intake setup, so stick around!

RoadsterGarage Now On YouTube!

I just thought I’d let everyone know, that we are now on YouTube!

Expect to see a sound clip of the new exhaust setup later today!

We can be found at


Heres a quick snap of the Decat pipe. It has been welded and is now ready for a hit of satin black paint.

A gearbox arrived yesterday from Queensland. So as soon as the exhaust has been fitted, the Roadster will be off to Dahtone Racing for a bit of work.