In The Build – Nissan Powered Miata

Here’s something I haven’t seen before. A bunch of engineers and students in Texas, Are planning on dumping a VG30DETT engine into the NA’s bay. It should make for an interesting build indeed!

Check it out here.


Random Snap – 022

Well Adam from sure does get some crazy ideas!

Roadster Of The Week – Shintaro’s NA

Article written by:
Shintaro Maeda
Pictures taken by: Shintaro Maeda

A Miata is a car that I never thought I would own. I was with everyone else thinking it was a girl’s car. However, a big mistake I made during my freshman year in college changed everything. At the time I was peaking my interest in modifying cars. I thought it would be a great idea to take out student loans to buy a sr20det motor to put in my 240sx. A terrible idea that has been. I blew the motor with-in three months because of my inexperience in tuning turbo cars. Not having enough money to rebuild the motor and buy text books, I was forced to part out the car. After learning an expensive lesson, I started looking for another daily driver.

 I still wanted a rear wheel drive car, and it had to be with-in my student budget. After doing some research, I knew the Miata was the answer. The car was very affordable and amazingly fun to drive. After driving one for the first time all the misconceptions I had were blown away. Since this car had to last me through college, I wanted to make it as simple and reliable as possible. Ruling forced induction out of the equation, I went with some mild modifications to enhance the fun-factor of the car.

 Engine-wise, it has a timing advance, Jackson racing intake, headers, borla cat-back, and a test pipe. Exedy stage 1 clutch and Fidanza flywheel have been installed aswell. Suspension consists of H&R springs, AGX shocks, Fat Cat Motorsports tophats and bumpstops. Stopping power is increased with 1.8 brake upgrade with Hawk HP plus pads. At the time I purchased the car I didn’t know anything about the color. After finding out that it was British Racing Green, and that it was a special edition color, I knew I had to build the exterior of the car to mimick the vintage racers of the 60’s.

 The hood has been stripped and polished with Jeep louvers riveted in. The mirror is a Ray-dot replica with a base plate made from an old piece of aluminum I found lying around. To further exentuate the vintage style, a Brainstorm fuel lid has been installed. The car also has RS Aizawa headlight duct, K.G.Works spoiler, OEM lip, Metro Motorsports antenna, and Rennenmetal towhooks.

 There are few bits in the interior as well such as Hard Dog roll bar, Daikei hub, NRG quick-release, and VooDoo shift knob. I have to say buying a Miata has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The car has gotten me through college without issue and I feel I’ve learned a lot more about tuning cars. Now that I’ve graduated and managed to get a full-time job, the Miata has been released of its daily driver duties to weekend-driver status. Future plans include a much-needed paint-job and a supercharger. I feel ready to take on the challenge of forced-induction once again.

Chaser Aero – GT300 bonnet (NA)

Along with the Scotte2 bonnets for the NB’s, The GT300 bonnets have also just landed in the states. Fitment looks spot on once again. I don’t think the bonnet works well with the factory lines of the car. You’d need an aggressive body kit and wheels to pull this thing off I think. But I could be wrong. Check out the thread here.

Random Snap – 020

Clean and simple, TE37’s FTW!

In The Build – Jess’s LS6 Miata

Some might recognise this car from one of the early ROTW features, Well Jess managed to blow the Turbocharged B6 that used to live in this BRG. Now instead of replacing the engine for another B6, She has come up with a rather wild idea. Jess is putting a Corvette Z06 engine into her Roadster.

All I can say is, This thing is going to be absolutely mental!

Check out the build here.

Random Snap – 012