Miata Journal – Issue IV Out Now!

After a long wait, Issue IV of Miata Journal has just been released! This issue features a Lemans inspired NC, Shintaro’s immaculate NA, And yours truely. Check out the new issue here.


Roadster Of The Week – Kelly’s MX-5 Wallpapers

You asked for it, So you’ve got it! Some big pictures of Kelly’s dope MX-5 for everyone!


Three words can sum up this months EOMM … What a meet! It was massive, Literally hundreds of cars. The venue filled up quick, So it left a lot of cars on the side streets. It would have to be the biggest JDMST meet to date for sure!

Good on you JDMST & THE-LOWDOWN for organising such an epic meet!

I managed to get some shots, I couldn’t cover all the cars unfortunately, There were just too many.  I hope you enjoy these. 

There were a fair few Roadsters out and about today too, Hopefully I can get a handful of them on RG.net.

Miata Journal – Issue III out now!

That’s right guys, Miata Journal’s 3rd issue has just been released. For those of you that don’t know about Miata Journal, It is basically a FREE online magazine that focus’s on the worlds most popular sports car, Which is released each month.

This months features include the Goodwin Racing NC, and mental LS6 NB. Check it out here.

Weekend Photoshoot

Well today I decided to give the car a wash and take some snaps of it. Thanks panda for coming out and giving me a hand <3.

This will probably be the last time the car will be clean until the kit is painted.

Enjoy the photos guys!

The Dodgy Day!

Saturday morning, I found myself in Peakhurst, I was on my way to an MX5cartalk members house, as he was hosting a dodgy day, And let me tell you … shit got dodgy!

I had a great day, many laughs were had and we actually got a few things done (well … kinda).

Highlights from the day would have to be the line marker/wrinkle painted Garage Vary front lip, and Adam attempting to glue his dip stick back together!

Thanks again Adam for your hospitality, and taking the time to have some fellow Roadster nutters over!

Here’s my pictures from the day, I hope everyone enjoys them.

Roadster Of The Week – Dan’s NA Wallpapers

Dan submitted stacks of high quality pictures for his Roadster Of The Week feature, As a photographer from UK FAST CAR magazine shot it for their mag, and now we can share the rest of the pictures online too!