RoadsterGarage Has It’s Own Domain!

Finally, I’ve managed to successfully create RoadsterGarage’s own blog page. That means that there will no longer be any posts on, it is now Be sure to change the domain to keep updated.



Things Will Be Changing

Within a few months time (hopefully) things will be changing, I will be redesigning the blog and running it on its own host. I’ll be allowing slots for vendors to advertise their goods and a new theme will be designed. As you might have noticed the “” domain isn’t currently working, That is because I am currently changing hosts. So for now, Just stick to viewing RoadsterGarage via WordPress (

As I’m sure you’ve seen the lack of ROTW’s lately, Well for the time being I am phasing it out until the new design is up and running. That being said, I am in desperate need for ROTW submissions, If you want to see your car on RoadsterGarage, Then send me an email.

I’m hoping that after I’ve upgraded the blog, I’ll be able to expand it, And create a better place for Roadster enthusiasts to visit.

I apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused, And I thank you for all your support.


Miata Journal – Issue IV Out Now!

After a long wait, Issue IV of Miata Journal has just been released! This issue features a Lemans inspired NC, Shintaro’s immaculate NA, And yours truely. Check out the new issue here.

RoadsterGarage Shop Now Open!

I’ve decided to open up a shop selling various parts for the Roadster. I can get pretty much any type of kit listed for ANY car, So if your after a certain something for your Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes or Audi, Shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do for you.

So check it out!

RG Stickers Are In!

You heard right, I just got the first batch of Roadster Garage stickers. Show your support and grab a few from here.

Fifty Thousand And Counting

I’d just like to thank you all for continuing to follow RoadsterGarage. I really didn’t think that the blog would be going as good as it is. So once again, Thank you all for pushing the view count over the fifty thousand mark!

Miata Journal – Issue III out now!

That’s right guys, Miata Journal’s 3rd issue has just been released. For those of you that don’t know about Miata Journal, It is basically a FREE online magazine that focus’s on the worlds most popular sports car, Which is released each month.

This months features include the Goodwin Racing NC, and mental LS6 NB. Check it out here.