To The Photographers

So, I’m sure most have read the latest Miata Journal by now. Well you may have noticed the RG MX-5 in the latest issue. I just wanted to write a post about the photography side of things, That feature couldn’t have been done with out Steven Phan, And Micheal Klimentos, This dynamic duo from MS Photography and have been in the photography game for only a year, But as you can see, They are very capable of producing some epic shots.

Scoot on over to their website and have a look, Their latest post was about the RG MX-5, And there are some pretty cool photo’s on there too.

Keep up the good work fellas!


Miata Journal – Issue IV Out Now!

After a long wait, Issue IV of Miata Journal has just been released! This issue features a Lemans inspired NC, Shintaro’s immaculate NA, And yours truely. Check out the new issue here.

Just Another Day

Well last night I fitted the bomex bumper back, And whilst I was moving the cars around I snapped this cool picture. The colour difference is pretty noticable, But I’m not really fussed to be honest.

So anyway, I played around with the micra a little today, I installed the JDM cup holder thing finally, And took it for a spin around the block. It goes well  and it doesn’t make any nasty sounds. Every time I have another look at the K11, I find something new that my previous K11 didn’t have, This time the interior light slowly dims when the door closes rather than just turning off instantly. I can’t wait till we finally get it registered.

Oh yeah, A while ago I made a new intake for it, Seeing there is no A/C, There is nothing blocking the left  side of the engine bay, So new intake now draws in air from there. Excuse the mess!

This weekend, I am doing a photo shoot with MS Photography, As the RG MX-5 will be in the next issue of Miata Journal, It should be a fun weekend!

Stick around!

Miata Journal – Issue III out now!

That’s right guys, Miata Journal’s 3rd issue has just been released. For those of you that don’t know about Miata Journal, It is basically a FREE online magazine that focus’s on the worlds most popular sports car, Which is released each month.

This months features include the Goodwin Racing NC, and mental LS6 NB. Check it out here.