Front Bumper Hybrid In Production

Autokonexion are currently designing a new front bumper for the NA series Roadster. It consists of a NA bumper, And an NC bumper grafted together. Yep, sounds odd but it’s looking quite promising!  Check out the thread going on at here.


Autokonexion NB Widebody Complete

Autokonexion have just finished sculpting their NB widebody, And are currently holding a group buy. They are asking for a minimum of 8 orders to get the kit underway. The group buy price for the 6 piece kit is a steal, so get on it while you get the chance. You can check out all the info here.

In The Build – Autokonexion GT NB Wide Body

The guys at Autokonexion are working on a wide body kit for the NB series Roadster. These pictures are a little old but it is looking pretty damn good!

I can’t wait to see the outcome.

Roadster Of The Week – Rolands Roadster

Gracing the pages this week is one very wild and unique Roadster.

Roland from the U.K has basically hand-built this NA6 from scratch, He chose all the parts he wanted on the car, and moulded them to form a unison with the Roadster. Almost nothing on this example has been left stock.

It all started when Roland got the his hands on the Roadster back in 2002. Back then it was pretty standard, and sunlight silver in colour. 8 years on, and this is the result!

The busty appearance of the MX-5 is thanks to the BRS Autodesign flares, blended into the body work, among the Bomex side skirts, RS Aizawa front bumper and Custom made short rear bumper with diffuser.

The arches are filled by Borbet type A’s, measuring in at 16×9 at the front and a whopping 17×10 at the rear.

Thats an interesting looking hardtop, isn’t it folks? Some of the cluey readers may realise that it’s an Autokonexion fast back attached to the hardtop, the whole hardtop and fast back has been fixed to the body of the car.

Even more impressive, Roland decided to convert the ordinary hardtop into a targa top.

Its things like this, that sets this Roadster apart from the rest.

The insides of this Roadster have been seriously revamped, with a lot of custom bits and bobs. Quilted roof lining, shift surround, switches, consoles, even a custom compartment housing a CD/DVD/Radio system including a PC monitor.

Roland hasn’t neglected the engine on his MX, it’s been tastefully upgraded with an ARC induction pipe, bigger radiator, bigger ignition leads and a St. May exhaust system.

Next on the cards for the “MX-5 Fastback” is a set of Axis Racer X 15×8 -25 offset wheels. Roland would also love to put a V8 in the fastback one day, that would really complete the package!

Congrats Roland, your this weeks ROTW!

Roadster Of The Week – Club Roadster Invasion! Phil’s Flared NA6

It’s that time of the week again, and yet another CR.Net Miata graces the Roadster Of The Week pages.

Phil, bought his Miata 2 years ago, stock as a rock. However, that did not last long at all.

The noticable modifications that Phil have made to his NA, would be the dope 13×8 smoor racing wheels (with 25mm spacers effectively making the final offset negative 25) , and Autokonexion type 1 flares.

I don’t know if you’ve tried ( I know I haven’t) , but I don’t think many cars can actually fit under a Semi Trailer, unless they are pretty damn low, Phil’s NA is just that it’s so low, that it can do this with ease, as you can see. He can thank his Stance coilovers for being able to go so damn low.

The Roadster isn’t all show, he managed to do an 1.8 litre engine swap. Along with that it is running a custom Chikara stainless steel exhaust, intake and Maruha carbon fibre timing cover. Cooling has been aided with a Koyo radiator, Samco silicone hoses and Maruha long stroke thermostat.

In the Interior department, Phil is running a Bride Exas III seat on custom Chikara rails, Nardi steering wheel, NRG quick release and Takata harness.  Shifting is improved by a Fuji Racing short shifter. He also stripped the interior, and installed a harddog DD roll bar, Phil decided to weld it to the car for extra rigidity and reassurance.

Unfortunately Phil needed a daily driver, and he sold this slammed Miata to obtain one. He does hope to get back into a Miata one day though, and I can’t wait to see what he does to the next one. Congratulations Phil, you are this weeks ROTW!