Garage Vary NB

These are the only pictures I’ve found of it, I don’t know what its set up for, Or what half the parts are on the car! Can anyone shed some light on this beast?


A Roadster Has Fallen

Some may remember this Roadster from a recent ROTW. Anyway, Chris had an accident in it not too long ago, And has decided to part the car out. Here’s a few pictures of the carnage that went on.

Hitting a concrete pole at 80km/h an hour will cause this kinda damage. It’s good to know that Chris is ok though (bar a few cuts and stitches), It could have been a lot worse.

To check out whats left on his car, Check this out.

Random Snap – 020

Clean and simple, TE37’s FTW!

Roadster Of The Week – Chris’s NA6T Roadster

Article Written By: Adam Zitka
Photography By: Scott Deeley & Various

Building any car on a budget is not as easy as some might think, But Chris from Saskatchewan, Canada, Has managed to build himself a turbocharged NA6 without selling out his kidneys!

“I ended up picking up the car after some lady hit my current daily driver at the time. I had driven many Miatas before 2 NA’s, 2 NB’s and 1 NC, SO I had a good feeling about the car. As I was in college at the time, I was pursuing something reliable, but something I could also have fun with and still do track events with such as AutoX and tentatively drifting.

So after a few quick emails back and forth between the previous owner, I quickly booked a plane ticket to Calgary AB, and flew out that night on May 2 2008. While I was in Calgary, I ended up picking up a set of sport max 501 wheels as I wanted something more than winter tires to summer drive on. When I picked up the car I had a good feeling about it and it put a huge smile on my face. I drove it back home to Saskatoon SK(700km) and there was no doubt in my mind I had bought a good car.”

“My first event I did was an AM drift event in Edmonton AB in July of 2008. At the time my current specs were fairly stock. A welded in 4 pt roll bar I made, an air filter, an exhaust and coilovers. I placed 8th out of 37. I was pretty content sitting in my roadster now, knowing i could throw down with 300whp skylines, S13’s, S14’s etc. I was 1 of 4 cars at that event who didn’t have a turbo on their car.

The car pretty much stayed stock for the rest of the year. Keep in mind I’m going to school, and trying to fund and build a race car doesn’t exactly happen too quickly when you’re in school.”

Seeing these pictures of Chris sliding his Roadster must have you wondering what that body kit is. It is a replica of the legendary Arios body kit, And it suits Chris’s car to a tee. He’s currently rocking a set of Sportmax/XXR 002’s, In 15×8 0 offset sizing. The NA6 was recently painted a fresh gloss black too, replacing the original green paint work.

Giving the NA6 such a low ride height, Are a set of Megan Racing coilovers with 10kg springs on the front struts, And 8kg springs on the rear. Most know that Roadsters’s don’t have much lock when it comes to drifting, Chris has addressed this problem with a pair of Secret Element inner tie rods. These increase lock at over 25%.

The cabin has been revised recently too. The newest edition is the welded in rollcage painted fluro green. Chris is getting serious nowadays and the 4 point roll bar he made a while ago needed an upgrade. The pair of seats holding Chris into place are a set of Sparco sprints,RCI Harness’s strap him down to avoid too much movement during transitions. The  steering wheel of choice is a Momo, and other than the necessities like the Trsico Boost gauge and AEM V2 Wideband, The rest of the cabin is completely gutted.

Chris gives the Khumo SPT tyres absolute hell, Thanks to the Greddy TD05 turbocharger and Megan Racing manifold bolted to the side of the engine. Theres a Megan Racing 2.5 inch dump pipe and Speedtech 2.5 inch resonated exhaust extracting exhaust gases. A Ebay intercooler and custom 2.5 inch intercooler piping helping the engine keep it’s temperatures down. Some 7MGE 310cc injectors, A Blox FMU fuel pressure regulator, and 1JZ Supra fuel pump increase the fueling capabilities. Chris has also installed a blitz blow off valve that expels the 12 pounds of boost that this setup creates.

All of this is controled by an Apexi SAFC II and a Bipes ACU timing controller, Many say these kind of things are the “Band aid’s” of engine management, But hey, If Chris has managed to run such a setup with great reliability then it just goes to show how good these units really are.

“As far as the car looking good. After that first event it got really really beat up with the slippery track on the first day and the large amounts of mud that accumulated on the car. I guess that’s why I decided to retire it as a daily driver and do solely track with it. It isn’t exactly comfortable anymore but it gets the job done.

The roads here in Saskatchewan Canada also take quite a toll on a low car. WIth the harsh winters and hot summers, it really wrecks the roads fast, so you become quite good at dodging pot holes, cracking your aero and scraping frame.”

We can’t wait to see what the future hold for you and your Roadster Chris!

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Congrats Chris, You are the Roadster Of The Week!


B6I-T – Made 115 whp stock
Greddy TD05 16G turbo running at 12lbs of boost
Megan Manifold
Megan 2.5″ down pipe
K&N Intake Filter
NGK Iridium Plugs and wires
Ebay Intercooler
Custom 2.5″ Intercooler piping
7MGE 315cc Injectors
BLOX FMU Fuel Pressure regulator
1JZ Supra Fuel Pump
Blitz Blow Off Valve
Custom 2.5″ exhaust with resonator made by Speedtech
A/C and Power Steering deleted


1.8 Liter Clutchnet 6 puck Clutch with 99 Miata Fly wheel
1996 Miata Welded Diff


Megan Racing Coilovers 10/8kg Springs
Secret Element Tie rods
RSR Strut Bar
Full Custom 6pt Cage made to my specs
Sport Max 002 wheels 15×8 0
Kuhmo SPT tires 195/45/15
Hawk HP+ Brake pads


Sparco Sprint Racing Seats
RCI 5pt Harnesses
Momo Steering wheel
Trsico Boost gauge
AEM V2 Wideband
Mazda Speed E brake handle with spin turn knob
Gutted otherwise


Knock off Arios Full Kit
Painted basic gloss black
Mazda Oem hardtop
Blue lensed headlights and bulbs

Random Snap – 013

Roadster Chamois 3000!

Roadster Of The Week – Russel’s NC

This weeks Roadster Of The Week is based in Tokyo, Japan. Russ purchased his PRHT NCEC on June 17th, 2008.

“As of this day, I am driving a 2008 Mazda PRHT Roadster with a few mods. I previously owned an NA6 MX5 in Australia which I loved for its chuckability and no fuss style.”

Within the Two years of ownership, Russel has replaced quite a few parts on the NC, for instance the exterior has had a lot of attention given to it. The gold Advan Racing RGII wheels really work well with the galaxy gray paint work this NC has. Other revisions include a painted M’z tune front lip, Integral Kobe Jet’s canards, Craft Square mirrors, Tuckin 99 front number plate bracket, NOPRO rear bumper and some Mazda clear indicator lenses.

The cockpit has also had some mild revisions, A Works Bell Rapfix II boss kit was needed to get that Nardi classic steering wheel mounted to the steering shaft. Russ upgraded the factory stereo by installing a Kenwood head unit. He also installed an AWD alloy dash panel kit, in his NC.

“I like cruising around in the mountains.”

It makes sence that Russel decided to purchase and install some Ohlins DFV coilovers, and NOPRO stabilizer links to enhance the Roadster driving experience. Russ also has a OEM Roadster “RS” grade LSD mounted to the NC.

The engine has some new parts fitted along side it to, like the Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust he has installed. This would give the Roadster a deep sporty exhaust note, and help free up some power. A HKS Super Hybrid air filter has also helped. A fidanza flywheel and Exeddy clutch have also made their way onto the MZR engine.

Russel decided that it was time to let go of his beloved Roadster.

“I must say, It was a hard decision to let this car go, but I know it was the right choice for me at the moment. The car was always a compromise from the beginning and fulfilled a need for a while. But it now joins the long list of cars that have previously lived in “my garage”.”

On April the 2nd, 2010 Russel had sold his NC Roadster.

“So after about 12000klms and a couple of years, the journey has ended for me, but only just starting for someone else.”

“I hope they enjoy the experience.”

You can view all the ups and downs Russ had with his NC here.

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Congrats Russel, You are the Roadster Of The Week!

-Mazda Roadster NCEC:

Power Retractable Hard Top (RHT)
2008 NCEC-251XXX
5 Speed Base Model
Body Colour : 32S Galaxy Grey
MG One Body Coating.

-Mazda Options:

Floor Mats
Rear Trunk Mat.
Mazda Leather Brake lever
Mazda Alloy Pedal Covers

 -Exterior Options Standard on RHT:

RHT Chrome Head Light Option
RHT Chrome Front Grille Surround
RHT Chrome Door Handle Set


GT-Roadster NR Spec Sticker Set (Hand Cut)
Bonnet / Side / Front
Maker Logo Sticker Set (Hand Cut)
M’z tune Front Lip Spoiler (painted)
NOPRO (Nogami Project) Rear Under Spoiler (painted)
Integral Kobe Jet’s Master Spec Carbon Front Canards
Craft Square TC-F NCEC Carbon/Aluminium GT Mirrors
Tuckin99 Front Number Stay
Mazda Clear Indicator Lenses


Mazda OEM Roadster “RS” Grade LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
Wakos LSD Oil.
Ohlins DFV Adjustable Coilovers.
NOPRO Short Stabilser Links.

 -Wheels and Tyres:

Advan Racing RG II 17×7.5 +45
Yokohama S drive tyres 205/45/17
Rays 16×8 CE28N (Swapped on before sale)


Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust
HKS Super Hybrid Air Filter Element.
Fidanza Flywheel
Exeddy Clutch & Cover
Run Max Stainless Clutch line


Blitz Throttle Controller


Nardi Classic 340mm〔N344〕 Black Spoke Punched Leather Grey X Stitch Steering Wheel
Works Bell Rapfix II Boss Black
Kenwood CD Reciever E323
AWD Alloy Full Dash Panel Kit ( Vent rings and AC rings not installed )

Random Snap – 005

An oldie but a goodie, A Pitcrew Roadster belting it down a long stretch of road.