Flying Start

This was the first thing I saw when I went to Dahtone after work today, They sure don’t mess around! The engine and gearbox are out, and most of the parts have already been swapped over. I was pretty happy to see everything coming together.

Heres the engines dominating the workshop.

Theres lots of goodies scattered everywhere! I managed to catch Anthony in time for the Maruha oil pan baffle install too. It’s such an easy job and great insurance too.

Another cool gadget fitted on the new engine is the Greddy oil cooler adaptor plate with built-in thermostat.  As you might of read earlier I was supplied the wrong thread and a replacement was going to cost me $40! However we managed to use my threaded sleeve off my previous sandwich plate. The cool thing about these is that the thermostat is built into the plate, and you have the option to run sensors to the plate, As there are four outlets.

Tomorrow, I’m guessing the engine will be ready to put back in the car, We’ll take it as it comes.

Stick around!


A Bump In The Road

Today I headed to get my new engine, But upon inspection I noticed that it isn’t actually an NB 1.8 litre, But an NA8 engine. So there’s been a slight change of plans. Now I’ll be gathering all the parts I need during the swap. Once I’ve obtained all these parts, I’ll be on the hunt again.

As of today, I have ordered the following parts from Maruha and Miata Roadster, Which are both great to deal with!

Maruha 78 thermostat with long stroke
Maruha oil pan baffle
Mazdaspeed competition motor mounts 

Now I just need to get my hands on a Greddy/GREX oil cooler plate w/Thermostat, Some lines and an oil cooler … And anything else that comes up along the way.

The Time Has Come

As most will know, My engine is far from good condition and I’ve been meaning to replace it for quite a while now. Well I’ve finally started plotting the engine swap. While it’s out, I’ll be changing over the engine mounts for a pair of Mazdaspeeds, And I’ll be fabbing up some kind of oil cooler kit. I’m thinking of using a Trust/GREX oil cooler plate with built-in thermostat, Along with Earl’s braided lines, And a Cooling Pro oil cooler.

I managed to find an engine that I’ll be picking up this weekend, And I’ve already started organising parts for the swap.

The engine will basically get a major overhaul before it’s installed, Replacing all the accessible seals etc. I’ll need to swap majority of the sensors from my original engine, As some of the sensors are different due to the Automatic engine. Being a manual engine, I should actually get a bit of a power increase too, Thanks to the higher compression and different cam profiles.

For anyone that’s interested, When this is all said and done, My automatic engine will be for sale ( I think I have a buyer for the head already though).

Stick around!

Bits And Pieces On Standby …

Tomorrow, work commences on the MX-5, today I did some running around in getting some vital parts for the conversion.

I finally got my hands on this nice piece of kit, the ORC racing clutch/flywheel combo.

It’s a used piece that came out of Zi’s (the JDMYard) MX-5, the new owner wrote it off on at the Royal national park … but thats another story all together.

Plenty of meat left on it, and should hold up quite well, similar to the old clutch I had, it is also a 6 puck sprung setup.

Thinking long and hard about what gear knob I wanted, a mate of mine (Xhonda_boy) offered me his old one … which I adored I didn’t pass the opportunity to take it.

Its a bit battered, but it’s still good, it’s still good!

Trust Grex gear knob … it feels great, and offers a very smooth shift.

Still need to take this piece out of the Micra, a Jaycar DFA … I’ll be using this to lean out the fuel and hopefully gain a bit more power out of the MX-5.

And finally, I figured, we need to take of the headers to rip the gearbox out, and I have a new exhaust system, I might as well finish it off with some decent headers. Now the Npower headers aren’t ideal … they are like a OBXR/Raceland equivalent, but I am sure they will squeeze out that bit more power then my standard headers. Considering that the outlet Diameter is 2.5 inch, it matches the rest of my setup perfectly!

Still trying to track down a few more parts … I am currently after an NB tailshaft so if anyone has any idea where I could find one, holla at me.