Roadster Of The Week – Kelly’s MX-5

Article written by: Adam Zitka & Kelly
Photography by: Boony – Deadstock Photography

This NA8 is one stunning Roadster, The owner has gone for the “Less is more” approach in terms of modifying, And as you can clearly see it’s working! This Roadster isn’t an American car, Nor European, It’s from the land down under, It’s based in New South Wales to be precise.

“Why I bought an MX-5:

Well after having my DC2R written off, I needed a new car. At first I was tossing up between an SW20 MR2 and the MX-5, but after seeing all the pics of the slammed Miatas from the states, I knew I had to have one.

  I spent a couple of months looking for the perfect mx5, I wanted something in immaculate condition and surprisingly that was quite hard to find. Black was my colour of preference, but the condition of this one was too good to pass on. I bought it within 24 hours of it coming up for sale.”

Kelly has done well with his Roadster, Only performing stubble touches all round. The exterior is blessed with a Garage Vary front lip, OEM hardtop and most recent addition, A KG works rear spoiler.

Your probably wondering what wheels are on Kelly’s MX-5 right? Well they are from a company called “Simmons” which was based in Australia, Unfortunately they have closed up shop and Simmons wheels are no longer in production. These particular Simmons wheels are a model called V4 which were designed and created a very long time ago.

Kelly scored these set of wheels off a fellow Roadster owner, And I imagine they would be pretty hard to find now without paying an arm and a leg. These V4’s are sized in at 14×6.5 with positive 7 offset. However these don’t clear the NA8’s brakes, So Kelly has slipped on some 5mm spacers all round, Effectively making the offset positive 2.

 The tyres wrapped around the Simmons are a set of Falkens with 195/45 sizing. This allowed Kelly to get super dooper low without the worry of scrubbing on the guards.

Although it might not seem like it, Kelly’s Roadster is set up for track work, The previous owner used to get out there quite often. Kelly is hoping to do the same very shortly.

You’ll notice the Australian made BD roll bar making itself visible. It is a very popular Rollbar down under as they are CAMS approved which means it’s usable for competitive racing. A pair of Whiteline (Which are also Australian made) swaybars are hiding under the bodywork too. A set of BC Racing coilovers happen to installed into this MX-5 too, Giving Kelly a vast range of adjustability, Damping and height wise.

I’ve always admired how clean Kelly has managed to keep his Clubman. I mean look at this interior, It still has the OEM head unit installed! Only minor touches have been carried out in the cockpit like the brushed aluminium vent rings and polished Voodoo gear knob, Though Kelly does still have a Mazdaspeed steering wheel to install. It doesn’t get much cleaner then Kellys!

“Future Plans:

Nothing outrageous planned for this car yet, I’m going to follow a ‘less is more’ theme with the modifying. Exterior wise I think it’s pretty much complete, just need to add a rear lip of some type. Interior, there’s not too much planned for it. Just restoring everything to near new condition.

Then, I want to lightly tuck the engine bay so everything looks neat and tidy. In terms of performance, don’t have too much planned. Maybe a turbo kit when I’m on my fulls, and money permits. Hopefully I’ll get to take the car out sliding sometime soon.”

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Congrats Kelly, You are the Roadster Of The Week!



– Garage Vary Front Lip
– Simmons V4 Wheels
– Matching Hardtop
– KG Works Lip Spoiler


– Mania Cold Air Intake
– Exedy HD Clutch
– Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
– Auto-Exe Exhaust
– BC Coilovers
– Whiteline Adjustable Swaybars Front/Rear


– Factory Nardi Steering Wheel
– Voodoo Polished Gear Knob
– Brushed Aluminium Vent Rings
– Brown Davis Roll Bar
– Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel (still to go in)


The Time Has Come

As most will know, My engine is far from good condition and I’ve been meaning to replace it for quite a while now. Well I’ve finally started plotting the engine swap. While it’s out, I’ll be changing over the engine mounts for a pair of Mazdaspeeds, And I’ll be fabbing up some kind of oil cooler kit. I’m thinking of using a Trust/GREX oil cooler plate with built-in thermostat, Along with Earl’s braided lines, And a Cooling Pro oil cooler.

I managed to find an engine that I’ll be picking up this weekend, And I’ve already started organising parts for the swap.

The engine will basically get a major overhaul before it’s installed, Replacing all the accessible seals etc. I’ll need to swap majority of the sensors from my original engine, As some of the sensors are different due to the Automatic engine. Being a manual engine, I should actually get a bit of a power increase too, Thanks to the higher compression and different cam profiles.

For anyone that’s interested, When this is all said and done, My automatic engine will be for sale ( I think I have a buyer for the head already though).

Stick around!

Roadster Of The Week – Steven’s NB Miata

Article by: Adam Zitka
Photography by: Steve D

This sleek black NB is from Dallas, Texas in the US of A, And I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while for now. I contacted Steve some time ago about getting his Roadster on the blog, And finally … It is!

“I bought the car in the fall of 2006. It was bone stock but I had a vision for it. See, I came from a long line of high-performance, highly modified cars. I had worked my way up from a 1986 Toyota MR2 through 3 more MR2’s (one being a very nicely modded MK2 Turbo) on to a 300whp bugeye Subaru WRX and then a fancy-schmancy Mercedes C32 AMG. Pretty much everyone I know thought I was crazy when I sold the luxury rocket ship AMG to get a ’99 Miata with 114k miles on it. They just didn’t see what I saw when I looked at it.”

This is one mean looking Roadster, The Garage Vary eyelids are partly responsible for creating a rather happy looking car, Appear angry and aggressive. A Garage Vary front lip also helps with the aggressive appearance that Steve’s NB has. Other exterior modifications consist of a OEM hardtop, “Large” OEM Side skirts, And “Small” OEM mud guards.

The set of wheels on Steve’s NB are a set of Rota Grid off roads, However for track events he switches to a set of 949Racing 6UL’s.

Once upon a time, Steve’s interior was cream from factory. So Steve swapped it out for the standard black trim. Along with that he installed a set of Sparco Speed seats and a set of Ultrashield 5 point harness’s. Steve also has a couple of Autometer sport gauges to monitor the vitals.

“Before I even bought the car I knew I’d go with boost. I had planned on going the turbo route since I was way more familiar with that than with superchargers. Gary from Track Dog Racing – located here in Dallas, TX – convinced me otherwise while I was standing in his back yard talking shop one day. I’m glad he did. While the 210whp that my car currently makes may not sound like a lot, the way it’s delivered from the MP62 supercharger is brilliant. It drives like a strong V6 car instead of like a small turbo’ed 4-banger. Power and torque are linear, predictable and available down low in the revs. It makes going balls out a whole lot more fun.”

You read right, There’s a MP62 Supercharger bolted to the BP4W engine, Which is currently running at 10PSI. To help run this boost safely, A TDR intercooler has been installed, Along with a set of 350cc injectors. A Jackson Racing header, And a Racing Beat exhaust system has been installed, Which reduces flow and increases power further.

 This is controlled by the well-known Greddy E-manage Ultimate. Steve has had some problems with the drivetrain holding up the extra power, So he has had the PPF reinforced and has upgraded the clutch.

“What I saw back then is what everyone else sees now. A car that’s equally as comfortable on the track as it is at a show. It turns corners and heads in equal measure.”

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Steve, You are the ROTW!


Engine & Drivetrain:

Jackson Racing MP62 Supercharger
Jackson Racing header
Racing Beat Midpipe & Muffler
350cc Injectors
Greddy E-manage Ultimate
TDR intercooler
Spec Stage 2 clutch/lightened stock flywheel

Wheels & Suspension:

Tein Basic Coilovers
Racing Beat Sway Bars
Mazdaspeed Motor Mounts
Reinforced PPF
Stage II Clutch
Lightened OEM Flywheel
Superpro Diff Mounts
Hard Dog Roll Bar
Rota Grid Offroads w/ 215/40 Maxxis tyres
949Racing 6UL 15×9 w/ 225/50 NT01 tyres


Garage Vary Eyelids
Garage Vary Front Lip
OEM Hardtop
OEM “Large” Sideskirts
OEM “Small” Mud Guards
Smoked Tail Lights, Reflectors & Indicators


Black Interior
Sparco Speed Seats
Ultrashield 5pt Harness’s
Rev Limiter Gauges
Soft Top Deleted

Roadster Of The week – Frode’s NA6

This weeks ROTW is from Norway where the owner, Frode has been modifying it for 2 years.

“Madeleine (as I call her) is a 1992 Silverstone Mx-5, I’ve had her for a year and a half, and really enjoyed every time I get behind the wheel, both winter and summer.

actually I was looking for a AE86 when I found her, but the few that are for sale here in Norway are way to pricey (we didn’t actually get them here).

she was priced just right and for sale just 1 hours drive from my house, went down and it was “love” at first glance.”

 The Silverstone coloured Miata has a very old school JDM look to it, with the Trap lip up front and meatballs down the sides of the NA6.  The theme continues with a pair of Vitaloni California mirrors and Zoom engineering headlight duct.

“I’ve always been a fan of all things Japanese, So I took a kind of JDM approach”, States Frode.

The nostalgic JDM theme has been continued in the cockpit too. Frode has a beautiful Nardi classic steering wheel to place his hands on while driving. Some cool looking Roadster checkered floor mats compliment the interior too. You can also find a Works Bell boss kit, Quick release kit, And Mazdaspeed roll bar lurking in the cabin too.

The engine has been slightly revised too, OBX headers and an I.L Motorsport exhaust are bolted to the side of the B6 engine. Spark has been improved with a set of red Magnacore spark plug leads, These puppies are 8.5mm thick! The engines breathing system has also been improved, Out goes the OEM setup, A Pipercross induction kit has replaced it.
These basic modifications would give Frode’s Roadster a nice boost in power, and a nice aggressive sound too.

The 18-year-old suspension would have seen better days for sure, So Frode swapped out the standard components for a set of KYB AGX dampers and Triple S lowering springs. A Tanabe strut tower bar helps tie the front of the car together.

Wondering what those wheels are? They are a set of Rota RB’s which were custom-made for Frode. They are 15×8 with an offset of +25. Kumho SPT tyres are wrapped around the Rotas.

Theres still a lot of things that Frode wants to do to his Roadster. Plans for the future include a set of  Tein flex, Individual throttle bodies,  A set of camshafts, And maybe a set of SSR Reverse Mesh wheels.

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Congrats Frode, You’re the ROTW!


Pipercross Induction Kit
Magnacore 8.5 plugleads
I.L Motorsport Stainless Steel Exhaust
Obx Headers


Trap front lip
Vitaloni California Mirrors
Zoom-Eng headlight lid
Rennenmetal Tow Hooks
Cusco Licenceplate relocate
Short Antenna
15″ Meatballs


Kyb AGX Dampers
TripleS lowering springs (40mm)
Tanabe struttowerbar
Kumho Ecsta SPT 195/45/15
Custom made Rota RB 15×8 et 25
ProjectMU lugnuts


Original checkered Roadster floor mats
Japanese Gearknob, Suichuuka (handed down from my old Datsun 1200(sunny 2dr.)
Works Bell short hub
Works Bell Quick release wheel hub
Nardi Classic 350 Steering wheel
Mazdaspeed Rollbar

Infiltrate & Extract

I wasn’t looking forward to what I needed to get done today. I needed to get the Flyin Miata “wings” off the car, To do this I needed to remove a lot of gear. So straight after work I got straight into it.

Here’s half way through.

I love my lotus seats and all, But damn they are a royal pain in the ass to mount and remove. I finally managed to get them out, and I started removing the cage.

I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of the Mazdaspeed imprinted on the rollcage … A nice touch I think.

So I managed to get the seats, cage and all the other little things out of the car, And begun to loosen the bolts that hold the wings.

I will say this, What a pain it was to do, here I was rolling around in the rain trying to get these damn things off the car, and thankfully I finally did.

So I was to the point where I needed to reinstall and tighten everything, During doing this I heard a loud crack sound, At first I thought I snapped one of the FM chassis brace bolts, Upon further inspection it was my socket.

A few minutes later, I found another 13mm socket and resumed. Thankfully, Everything went rather smoothly from this point on.

The Driving Sports skidpan day is on this Friday. I will be attending and putting the RG MX-5 through its paces.

Stay tuned!

Rear Tow Hook Install

Well this weekend, Adan and I got to work on the rear tow hook. If for whatever reason I need a tow from the rear end, the Mazdaspeed rear lip would be in grief due to hanging lower than the tow hook points.

So, We decided to create an external tow hook. I left the whole mounting thing to Adan, And he came up with a great, easily reversible mounting point.

Anyway, The tow hook needed to repainted, so what colour should I paint it ?

And installed. That’s all to report, I have to clean up the cut on the MS rear lip a little more and get some pictures up. Stay tuned.

Almost Here!

Well the Bomex bumper is almost here, So I’ve managed to find a supplier of the Bomex sideskirts in Australia. I recently put down an order for them.

Not long now, I better start getting the supplies ready for prep and paint.

Today I swung past Adan’s to have a look at the work involved with the butterfly brace, and it’s just too much. So we ended up finishing the rear tow hook, and made a cut out on the Mazdaspeed rear lip. Pics up tomorrow!

Picture taken by SkinnyRoadster.