Beatrush PPF Brace

Last week, I ordered a Beatrush PPF brace direct from Laile themself. Three days later, It arrived at my work. Just yesterday I managed to get around to installing it. The quality of the brace is exceptional, good welds and great machining with a solid design. Laile supply spacers too, Just incase your exhaust design hangs low, Or you wish to keep the factory bracing that the NB’s have.

Installation was a little harder then I thought. You need to remove the two PPF bolts and two bolts on the rear subframe. You use the OEM bolts for the PPF, And the bolts Beatrush supply for the subframe. If your doing this on jackstands, Prepare for a very tedious installation, As it’s very awkuard with the lack of room. Make sure you have your factory jack handy too, As you’ll need to raise the diff in order to line the PPF bolts up for reinstall. With the install complete I found the car to be less “gittery” whilst turning, Which is what I wanted as the locker causes alot of movement within the drivetrain. The only problem I had was that the subframe bolts didn’t like up 100%, Which is a shame.

There it is, The finished result for now. It hangs rather low and I don’t really wanna scratch up the PPF brace, So I might cut the OEM bracing in order to raise the PPF brace. Seeing that the bolts don’t line up I might use a smaller bolt & nut combo so they can sit flush with the brace, And not protrude as seen above.’

I’ll need to take the car for a good drive to feel the effect the PPF brace has created.


Roadster Of The Week – Faz’s NC


Interview by: Adam Zitka
Photography by: Micheal Mann & Faz

Lets face it, there aren’t as many modified NC’s as there are NB’s or NA’s. So when this galaxy gray NC1 caught my eye, I knew I had to get it on RoadsterGarage.Net. So, What was your first experience with the Mazda Roadster?

Faz: I had seen them and knew they were around but knew nothing else about it until I bought my 2008 PRHT GT. I was looking to trade in my 2003 Acura TL-S and thought I might as well get a two seat convertible. I had no experience with a convertible before. I had never sat in a Miata before. I thought it was cool that it was a hard top convertible. I had no plans for modifications either. The Dealer had two both Galaxy Gray and I like the color. Both were exact same specs. GT with appearance package and suspension package. So buy the car was my first real experience. I then joined couple of forums and everything changed after my for mod. What would be your favourite thing about your Roadster ?

Faz: It has to be the PRHT, though there is so much more to like about it. What was your inspiration behind building your Roadster, And how do you feel about the way it’s turned out?

Faz: I am big time Formula 1 fan, And always loved car racing from rally to open wheel to touring. I had no plans for the car when I bought it. Then I did my first mod and liked the idea of doing things my self and making it a little unique. Now they call me the “Serial Modder”.

I regretted one of my first mod which was trying to make the car quieter by putting in Butyl layers. Its heavy and a pain to take out. After a few cosmetics mods my focus changed to performance based mods and that brought out the racer in me.

I started making the car lighter and more powerful. taking out things I didn’t need, like washer fluid (I don’t drive in the rain). lighter battery, Cold air intake, header, midpipe, exhaust, custom tune by Sniper Delta force Tune. Suspension mods: MS Sways, Autoexe adjustable end links, braces all over: Beatrush, Autoexe, Neilex, Kansai. Ohlins DFV Coilovers. Volk CE28N wheels with Carbon fiber caps. 17×9- +40, 245x40x17 rubber. flared fenders. Lots of cosmetic stuff too: Custom wheel by JPM Coachworks. I did a lot my self like 3M Carbon Fiber vinyl, interior lights. Scangauge dash install, Innovate LC-1 and XD16 install. i-Shift Shift lights.Custom made air deflecter.Custom Adjustable Aero Wing from APR performance. Cosworth supercharger. The car is almost too fast but there is no such thing.

I am always thinking of what to do next.

I also ended up doing a lot of track work, HPDE and AutoCross. Is there anything that bugs you about your car, Or any Roadster in general ?

Faz: Not really I would have to think hard about this one. May be a few things Mazda could have made it easy so we can customize, like the ECU, certain wiring and controls. more power from factory. Nothing that can’t be taken car of now a days.

Oh with the Wing and look now it looks fast ( as it is) so the down side is that everyone on the road wants to prove something and I drive very calm on public roads. I have had kids in their tuner cars to infinities, corvettes, Porsche and sedans like camry trying to race me on public roads. Plus I have seen cops slow down and follow me thinking I will do something stupid. Are there any future modifications you have in mind for the car ?

Faz: Yes lots: Right now the I am waiting on a full Bomex body kit, Next is Big brakes front first and then Rx-8 rears, brake ducts. revalve coilovers for stiffer springs. seats, harnesses, roll bar if possible or beatrush harness brace. flat bottom etc. I think there will always be something to do. But I am hoping to be done with most of the major work in the next 2-3 years. What has been the most memorable moment with your Roadster ?

Faz: There are several but one has to top them all, I posted the details on the forums it’s called “OMG!! OMG!!” It goes like this.

I have been taking the car out when ever I get a chance to do data logging runs to continue to improve on the tune.

I went for a hair cut and pulled into the parking lot. A kid and his girl friend immediately came to me and starting asking everything and anything about the car.

At the same time a car pulled up, a guy with two kids and just stayed their listening and looking at the car. Turned out he was a Miata head too and has two Miata’s.

I finally go in for the hair cut and the young receptionist was into cars as well and kept checking out the car.

I come out and she goes you have an awesome car, I love cars ….

I offered to show it to her – she could not believe it and said OMG..OMG..

she then asked if I could rev it up so she can hear it… I said you can sit in it and I will take you around parking a lot and she goes OMG..OMG…OMG

She sits in the car and immediately goes OMG.. OMG

I start it up and she goes OMG ..OMG..

I put the top down and I get a few more OMGs

I did a launch with DSC off turn DSC on, slide with DSC on, DSC off a donut, launch and back (Parking lot was empty and in an area where the shops are close, all closed up)

All along she was.. OMG.. OMG… OMG… OMG… OMG.. OMG… OMG… OMG..OMG.. OMG… OMG… OMG… OMG.. OMG… OMG… OMG..

She then asked if she could take a picture of the car and I said one better, I’ll take your picture with the car and … OMG

I can honestly tell you I have never ever heard so many OMG in such a short time and likely never will

As someone else pointed out the only time I missed a back seat to get a few more OMGs – but I think I got plenty How long do you plan on keeping the car ?

 Faz: I think I am going to be keeping it for ever. Considering how much time, effort and money I have spent on it and the amount of modifications I have done to it.

Remember guys, We are always looking for new Roadsters to feature, so if you have a killer Roadster you would like to see on, then shoot us an email at

Faz, You are the Roadster Of The Week!



Rear window Tint
Debadged rear mazda logo
Side GT emblem and Supercharged emblem
Brake caliper paint Red – Yellow decal
Custom Tags “2MUCHFN”
Keyhole covers
IL Motorsports Tow hooks red
Hoen Fog lamps
Hoen license plate bulbs
LED parkers
Hood Pins
Stubby Antenna Power Agency


IL Motorsports center console
Mazda3 Coin holder
RX8 intermittent Wiper switch
Garmin 755T/4GB with Kuda mount
Scanguage II w/dash modification
GROM for Garmin
Center Speaker upgrade
MX-5 Red SeatBelt pads
3.5″ Door Speaker upgrade Infinity Kappa 32.9cf
Shift-I Shift Lights
Redline Leather gear boot
Redline Leather Handbrake boot
Selfmade 1/4″ MR10 Lexan windblocker
Redline Gauge Hood cover
Redline Armrests
Redline Door pulls
Innovative XD16 AFR Gauge + LC1 sensor and Bosch O2 Sensor
CoolBreeze Air Scoop
JPM Steering wheel – custom with stiched center strip
3m Di-Noc carbonfiber interior
Cobalt Short Shifter w/spring mod
Momo Anatomic Short shift knob – Custom by JPM Coachworks
OBD II splitter cable
SmartTop Module
GoPro HD inner mount
Beatrush shift collar
Boost gauge and pod

Engine, Managment & Drivetrain:

Goodwin Roadster midpipe
Roadster Q exhaust now changed to Roadster Street Single (10lbs)
Engine Mounts poly 70 and Engine brace
Racing beat header
Odyssey 545 Battery with Cover and brass terminals
Fumoto Oil Drain plug
Battery Quick Disconnect connector
Differential FGR to 3.63 – Custom
Modified Neilex FSTB
Shorter super charger pulley
FM lightweight flywheel
AEM Water injection kit with filter
AEM Water injection flow gauge
Supercharged emblems
Cosworth air filter
Intake Sock
Cosworth Supercharger is installed and tuned by Moto-East
Cold spark plugs
550cc Fuel injectors
Oil catch can
Innovate OT-2
Pivot throttle controller
AutoExe Sports Clutch Line

Chassis & Suspension:

MS Sway bar kit
AutoExe Adjustable end links
AutoExe Member Brace Set
Kansai rear brace
BeatRush front brace
Kansai Diff support bar
AWR Engine Brace
Nielex Front Knuckle supports
AutoExe Floor Cross Bar (Rear)
Cobalt Skid plate
AutoExe rear strut bar
Ohlins DFV
Custom Alignment
Corner Balancing

Wheels & Tyres:

Volk CE28N Titanium GunMetal 17×9 +40mm
Volk GT Black Anadoized limited Edition Cention caps
Rays Formula Red Lug nuts
Yokohama ADVAN AD07 tires

The Final Rest

Well the Roadster has been at home since Saturday, and hasn’t moved since. It’s currently sitting on the trickle charger, bringing it that battery back to life.

I am  getting everything finalised to get it registered.

Some parts came in from MX5 Parts on Monday afternoon, and I slapped them straight onto the car.

Quick shot of the interior, it’s still in pieces as I am trying to get the DFA to communicate with the standard ECU.

I’ve mounted up the beatrush number plate bracket, heres a quick snap.

And finally, a shot of the engine bay during the day.

Hoping to get it registered this week, and take it back to Dahtone to finalize some bits and pieces on the car.

Roadster Of The Week – Mike’s NB Miata

This weeks Roadster is yet another from the American forum,

Mike’s NB has always been a favorite of mine, and when the opportunity came to feature it, I jumped straight on it!

He is no stranger to the NB Roadster, owning one before this silver beast (which was supercharged mind you). He wanted to gain more out of the Miata, and when the Titanium SE went up for sale, he couldn’t resist the temptation to own it.

The main thing(s) that drew Mike into the purchase of this MX5 was the whole package created by the P.O, Willwood brakes, Flyin Miata  FMII Turbo Kit, undercarriage Bracing and Ohlins suspension all tied together to create a type of car that he wanted his NB8A to become.

“my car at the time was an emerald green 99 Miata that had just about every bolt-on possible, It wasn’t a fast car. Quick, yes, but I wanted more.” 

The car was purchased as a good package to begin with, but Mike couldn’t help himself to further modifying the Miata.

Cosmetic changes consist of the Garage Vary bumper, Bomex mirrors, OEM large side skirts, OEM small rear mudflaps, Mazdaspeed headlights and spoiler, to name a few.

Mike has installed an array of factory parts in the interior like 10AE seats, 2003 Miata Sinshen Edition door panel inserts, and a NB8A cluster.

The Engine sure packs that punch Mike has looked for, for so long. It is running the FMII kit with an upgraded intercooler, 550cc injectors, 3 inch turbo back exhaust and  Hydra Nemesis ECU. Cooling is aided with a PWR Radiator and Custom coolant reroute.

Suspension has been upgraded with Ohlins coilovers, Flyin Miata swaybars, flyin Miata rear cannon brace and a Beatrush PPF and Diff brace.

Braking is happily looked after by the Brembo Gran Turismo 12.5″ 2 piece rotors and 4 piston calipers.

The Titanium NB makes roughly 270hp at the wheels, with stock internals. Whats more impressive is that this is Mike’s daily driver, and it occasionally sees Auto X, track days and even a little bit of drifting.

To get in contact with Mike, view more photos, or see how his build, his user name is “Doppelganger”. You can also find him on cardomain and his pictures on Flickr

Congrats Mike, you are this weeks ROTW!

Beatrush Number Plate Bracket

So in the 28th, I was woken by a pleasant surprise! It was the courier with my Beatrush number plate bracket.

I ordered this on the 22nd of January from “335laile” on Ebay Australia. They are Beatrush, all the orders come out of their own factory, they are not a vendor of Laile/Beatrush, these guys are the real deal.

This number plate bracket is different in design to many others, normally the offset number plate brackets are mounted to the front tow hook, (or baby teeth as some like to call them). The Beatrush number plate bracket mounts on the reinforcement bar.

Due to this design, the Beatrush number plate bracket is a lot more stable then the tow hook attached counterparts.

They have really got this product right, it is over engineered for its purpose, and the quality is second to none.

Above is how the item was packaged, and below is what it looks like out of the box.

Beatrush quality isn’t cheap, this piece is advertised on Ebay for $70 + $40 shipping.

Some may say that this is too expensive for a simple number plate bracket, however having the cheaper variants and having the hassle of needing to tighten the single bolt every few days became very annoying. The positioning of the tow hook variants aren’t as nice as the beatrush bracket either, finally, you don’t need to keep the baby teeth on with this bracket either!