Three words can sum up this months EOMM … What a meet! It was massive, Literally hundreds of cars. The venue filled up quick, So it left a lot of cars on the side streets. It would have to be the biggest JDMST meet to date for sure!

Good on you JDMST & THE-LOWDOWN for organising such an epic meet!

I managed to get some shots, I couldn’t cover all the cars unfortunately, There were just too many.  I hope you enjoy these. 

There were a fair few Roadsters out and about today too, Hopefully I can get a handful of them on


The Low Down & JDMST August EOMM

Sorry for the super short notice, But if you have a few hours spare tomorrow, Be sure to head out to western Sydney to check out the low down & JDMST’s infamous end of month meets (EOMM). Normally, There are a stack of Roadster owners that crash the meet, Being one of the most same make cars out there, And I doubt this one will disappoint! I’ll be there with some stickers too, So if you’ve been after one, Nows your chance to get it.

“Put this in your diaries, stick a note on your fridge, call your mates, tell your neighbours – this months EOMM is one you don’t want to miss.

Come out with your car and spend the (hopefully sunny) afternoon talking shop, admiring wheels and eating snags with and JDMST.

Where: Autotechnik Tuning, 3/332 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons.

When: Sunday, August 29th @ 11AM

Autotechnik Tuning have been supplying quality JDM bits for years, and they’ve opened the doors of their complex to host our meet this month. On display will be brand new stock from AME, Enkei, Rays, Weds, and Work, plus gear from Bride, Project Kics, Fujita, Nardi and more.

The boys from THE-LOWDOWN will take charge of a BBQ to bring you sausage sandwiches and cold drinks for lunch. Get a group together and come out in force.”

Check out further info, Here.

Twilight Drift Photos

Heres some pictures I found of my car in action last week. Thank you Daniel G for taking these awesome pics!

The Twilight Drift Saga Continues

Yesterday was another Driving Sports “Twilight Drift”event that Adan and I attended. Once again, it went off without a hitch! I managed to get some in-car footage too, But I do need a bigger capacity memory card, As I only managed to record 3-4 runs.

Adan ended up trying out the peanut, While I stuck to the skidpan. The extra lock obtained with the iConcept tie rods is quite noticeable. It’s helped me keep control of the car better, And reduced the change of running out of lock. I think I only spun out a handful of times. This is a must do for any Roadster owner planning to do some drifting, Get yourself some tie rods!

The only little drama I had, My gauges were acting up, There must be a loose earth somewhere. The car didn’t seem to like light load either, Seemed to sort itself out towards the end of the night though.

Heres some vid’s of the night. (Yeah I still need to get an embedding option!)

Oh, My Beatrush PPF brace arrived yesterday from Beatrush themselves. Amazing quality piece. I’ll do a review on that shortly.

Stick around!

Twilight Drift Pictures

Heres a few pictures of the RG MX-5 in action at the latest Driving Sports event. Hopefully I’ll have a camera mount for next event so I can get some in-car footage.

Thanks Khoa, And Luke for getting these shots.

The Dodgy Day!

Saturday morning, I found myself in Peakhurst, I was on my way to an MX5cartalk members house, as he was hosting a dodgy day, And let me tell you … shit got dodgy!

I had a great day, many laughs were had and we actually got a few things done (well … kinda).

Highlights from the day would have to be the line marker/wrinkle painted Garage Vary front lip, and Adam attempting to glue his dip stick back together!

Thanks again Adam for your hospitality, and taking the time to have some fellow Roadster nutters over!

Here’s my pictures from the day, I hope everyone enjoys them.

JDMST – April EOMM 2010 Coverage

Last night at Fox Studios was the JDMST – April EOMM, and what a great night it was. There were tons of cars, and a great atmosphere in general, There was also a dominance in Roadsters too!

I had the good old point and shoot with me, It’s nothing flash at night, but does the job.

more coverage can be found below.