Just Another Day

Well last night I fitted the bomex bumper back, And whilst I was moving the cars around I snapped this cool picture. The colour difference is pretty noticable, But I’m not really fussed to be honest.

So anyway, I played around with the micra a little today, I installed the JDM cup holder thing finally, And took it for a spin around the block. It goes well  and it doesn’t make any nasty sounds. Every time I have another look at the K11, I find something new that my previous K11 didn’t have, This time the interior light slowly dims when the door closes rather than just turning off instantly. I can’t wait till we finally get it registered.

Oh yeah, A while ago I made a new intake for it, Seeing there is no A/C, There is nothing blocking the left  side of the engine bay, So new intake now draws in air from there. Excuse the mess!

This weekend, I am doing a photo shoot with MS Photography, As the RG MX-5 will be in the next issue of Miata Journal, It should be a fun weekend!

Stick around!


Touch That Shit Up


Well yesterday I decided to get to work on the K11 intake, the previous owner had sprayed the original red piping, black … and unfortunately, He didn’t do a very good job. So out came the sand paper, wax and grease, and my favorite rattle can … VHT Engine Enamel – Flat Black. However, that’s not all I decided to paint.

I’ve been meaning to get rid of this shitty fake carbon look for quite a while now, and I finally came around to doing so.

Skip into the night, and a few minutes later everything was painted and ready to dry.

I left it overnight as is. Then today, as soon as I woke up, I went to have a look how everything went. It seemed to come out pretty good, so I mounted the parts back onto the cars.

The mirrors look a thousand times better now!

This was the first time I fitted the intake to the Panda, it looks stacks better than the filter mounted directly on the throttle body that’s for sure! It should offer more lower end torque too. Tomorrow, hopefully I will roll the guards, delete the rear wiper, and paint the engine cover black and white.

Stick around!

Project Panda – The Begining Of The K11 Micra

As some may know, I sold my green micra earlier in the year to get the MX-5 back on the road, But ever since I sold it, we have always missed the convenience of it and swore that one day, we would buy another one.

So anyway, we were out getting bits and pieces for the S14, and this K11 caught my eye. I ran over to the car to have a closer look, and the rest is history.

Today the Micra arrived to its new home at 12pm.

Heres Julie having a quick drive to make sure everything is in check

Shortly after, out came the cleaning products and I got to work. This K11 was in excellent nick for a Micra, there is minimal rust, barely any rips or tears in the interior, no leaks from the engine/box and the paint has no fade! However, being a micra you can always expect to have a ding or two in the panels somewhere.

All in all, its in much better condition then my previous K11, and it’s the colour we were always after!

The K11 still has the factory tyre and jack in the boot! Something i have never seen before in a K11 is this steering wheel, at first I thought it was off another Nissan, but upon closer inspection the whole steering coloum panel is the same colour!

 The K11 ran out of rego 2 months ago, hence the tow home. At this stage we are in no rush to get it on the road, I want to sort out the Mazda first before we start tinkering with the Panda.

Plans for it are rather simple, We will give the K11 a good service, change brake pads etc and get it on the road. Then the mayhem can begin.

Seeing that my old K11 is written off, a lot of the parts from that will end up on Panda, and it should be a nice fun little car to drive around.

Random Snap – 003

I know, It’s not a Roadster, but random snaps can be anything!

Anyway, as some may know, this is Matt Meads (off JDMST) new daily, and a beautiful one at that.

This really makes me miss my old K11 Micra, shame I never ended up putting racks on it either, *sigh*.

R.I.P K11, You Were Good To Me.

Some may know that I owned a slammed K11 micra as my daily driver, however I sold it to get the Roadster back on the road.

Anyway, I sold him last weekend to a close friend of mine, all was well until I received an SMS about 10 minutes ago, here goes.

“Hey bro, I got some really bad news. On saturday morning I had a massive car crash in the micra … it’s a complete write-off”.

When I recieved this SMS, my heart sunk. I thought I had let go of the micra, i had bigger and better things on my mind, but obviously not.

Edit: Another SMS has been recieved, now this one makes me pretty angry.

“This rotary was coming up the road an he was snappin 3rds, and his rear axle snapped. He lost a wheel, went sideways and smashed right into me. I was parked on the side of the road.”

The amount of stupid shit people do isn’t funny, this moron being a hero is lucky no one is seriously hurt. My mate has a few cuts, bruises and the like from the impact. I hope this idiot looses his licience for being such a nub! Seriously not cool!

Some of the parts are salvagable, like the Coilovers and Wheels, so Adam plans to jump back on the horse and search for another micra.

you can find all the high’s and low’s i’ve had with the K11 below.


Micra … “Woggie”, you will be missed, R.I.P.