Be Gone Evil Soft Top

Well my days of drop top driving are a thing of the past now … Well not really, But you know what I mean. On the weekend, I decided that it was time to remove my soft top. I had a general idea of how to remove one, But I double checked online just in case I was missing something, Fortunately I came across Adam’s ( website. There’s a pretty good tutorial written on there about removing the soft top. I did the exact same thing that Adam has done too.

So, Driving Sports – Twilight Drift is this weekend, And there’s still a few little things I need to sort out before then.

Stick around!


Random Snap – 022

Well Adam from sure does get some crazy ideas! Gauge Designs

Another new segment to the blog, This section covers all the new and wonderful parts that have been designed for the one and only, Roadster. It also covers workshops that specialise in the Roadster. Lets kick it off!

Getting tired of the stock gauges in your Roadster ? Looking for a replacement, but not really interested on what’s currently on the market ? Whether it be because the aftermarket gauge faces are the wrong measurements for your application, or you just don’t like the designs that are out there.  Well you’ll be interested to see some new gauge faces have started production. Some may of even noticed the DIY section in the new Miata Journal,  Where Adam has kindly provided a free Gauge face design called the “REVolution”.

Anyway, Adam from has just started designing and creating some awesome looking gauge faces. He is also offering to customise them to whatever the buyer wants, whether it be a certain colour, added text, added speed/RPM or even redesigned from MPH to KPH or vice versa. May I also add, Adam is asking a measly $9.99USD for his gauge faces, Customisation pricing varies. For the time being, Adam is only offering these as a DIY option for now, You’ll need to print the gauges and cut them yourself. However, he is looking to sell them as a complete unit in the very near future. Unfortunately, these gauge faces are only for the NA series Roadster, But Adam is working on NB gauge faces, and should have some ready for purchase soon.

You can find the current designs that Adam has made here.

The pictures below are one of the custom designs that Adam is currently working on, which is based on his “Type-1028” design, and boy do these look good!