Finally Here!

I was halfway through lunch when an unusual truck stopped out front, I had a sneeking suspision that it was the Bomex bumper, and I was right!

I opened it up straight away to have a look, everything seemed in check, now I needed to wait until I finished work to have a closer look.

Here’s a comparison photo of the Bomex and OEM bumper.

I managed to get the bumper dummy fitted, to see how well it would actually fit. It’s not “too” bad, It needs some work to say the least though.

The bumper looks great on the MX-5, It gives the car a very aggressive look.

The Bomex bumper hangs a lot lower than OEM, that’s for sure!

One thing that’s good about the Bomex bumper, is that you don’t need to remove the reinforcement bar behind the OEM bumper. I can also use my beatrush number plate bracket too. Unfortunately, I’ll need to redesign another tow hook, as the Renenmetal one interfere’s with the Bomex bumper.

 Hopefully I’ll get to play around with it a little more on the weekend.


Rear Tow Hook Install

Well this weekend, Adan and I got to work on the rear tow hook. If for whatever reason I need a tow from the rear end, the Mazdaspeed rear lip would be in grief due to hanging lower than the tow hook points.

So, We decided to create an external tow hook. I left the whole mounting thing to Adan, And he came up with a great, easily reversible mounting point.

Anyway, The tow hook needed to repainted, so what colour should I paint it ?

And installed. That’s all to report, I have to clean up the cut on the MS rear lip a little more and get some pictures up. Stay tuned.