Basic Manipulation

Well I’ve noticed that the MX-5 is running a little hotter than it used to, so I thought I’d better put the under panel and cooling shroud back into place … but to do that, I needed to modify it to adapt the intake piping.

So out came the jack stands, and I began measuring where to cut, so I needed to detach the intake and piping to fit the shrouds back together.

Next was the radiator shroud, being a thicker plastic,  the scissors couldn’t cut it. So out came the side cutters. I did some more measuring and cutting and it ended up looking something like this.

Its been moved over to the right since this picture, nice and tucked away too.

So yeah, that’s what I did today, nothing exciting.

On another note, that Apexi ECV I ordered 3 weeks ago still hasn’t been shipped, not happy!

Currently trolling Yahoo Japan for some dope parts, but have come up short.

It’s been one of those weeks.