Wheel Painting – Part II

Saturday afternoon, I wandered off into the garage to get cracking on the wheels. I start tapping up the lips and I marked the primer with my bracelet. I had a look and I tried again with my finger nail … from that moment I decided to strip the current primer and start again.

I didn’t use a wire brush and a coarse sand paper to begin with, So out came my wire brush and I got stuck into it. I spend a few hours on Saturday night, and half the Sunday getting these prepped right.

Whilst scrubbing the wheels, I decided to see what the colours would look like, I very roughly sprayed a lick of paint on one of the Superlites to get an idea.

The blue is a bit too light for my liking, I’ll be adding a black undercoat to darken it.

Anyway, I come along to stripping and sanding that shitty coated wheel, And boy was it a pain to get off. I think I could have gotten away with the current preparation, but better to be safe then sorry!

In total I spent roughly 1 hour on each wheel, scrubbing them with the wire brush and then giving them a sand with some 220 grit wet and dry sand paper.

Right, so all the wheels were ready for paint, So out came the sponge and bucket to give them a good clean.

Next step was to mask the lips of the wheels up before primer is applied, I needed to be very careful to have an even finish on all the wheels. Luckily there is a little indent on the wheels that I could follow with the masking tape. I spent roughly 20 minutes on each wheel.

The centers were now ready for paint! Out came the primer and I gave the wheels 4 light coats with it.

30 minutes after the final coat of primer was applied, the Flat white came out, and I started spraying. I did 3 light coats, and 2 medium coats of flat white. I wanted to ensure that all the primer was covered. After that, the Dupi-Colour clear coat was applied, 2 coats of it to be exact. This helps strengthen the paint from stone chips, UV etc.

The final result!

These wheels were a little difficult to paint due to the amount of spokes and curves, But I am extremely happy with the result. Hopefully I’ll be finishing the lips off this weekend, weather permitting of course. Keep an eye out for part III.


Wheel Painting

Last night, Adan came over to grab some parts and we had the usual car talk. Anyway he made a good point about the Superlights, He said “You should just paint them instead of powder coating them, The money you save could go to tyres”, and it made sense. So today I was off to my local Repco to grab some supplies.

I have had nothing but great results with VHT, so I chose to use their products on the wheels. So after the trip to Repco, I got straight into it, getting the wheels out of their boxes and giving them a clean before sanding.

Here is the first wheel scuffed and ready to be primed. I used 400 grit sandpaper and scuffed the cast finish that the Superlite GTR’s have. I could/should have used a wire brush to scuff the wheels better, but the method I have used with various parts (including wheels) have worked quite well in the past.

Here they are, all primed up with a can of VHT grey Prime Coat. Either tomorrow or Sunday I will be painting the centre section flat white and clearing it, followed by painting the lip a blue similar to my cam cover. As I thought, the colour I have purchased is too light.

Touch That Shit Up


Well yesterday I decided to get to work on the K11 intake, the previous owner had sprayed the original red piping, black … and unfortunately, He didn’t do a very good job. So out came the sand paper, wax and grease, and my favorite rattle can … VHT Engine Enamel – Flat Black. However, that’s not all I decided to paint.

I’ve been meaning to get rid of this shitty fake carbon look for quite a while now, and I finally came around to doing so.

Skip into the night, and a few minutes later everything was painted and ready to dry.

I left it overnight as is. Then today, as soon as I woke up, I went to have a look how everything went. It seemed to come out pretty good, so I mounted the parts back onto the cars.

The mirrors look a thousand times better now!

This was the first time I fitted the intake to the Panda, it looks stacks better than the filter mounted directly on the throttle body that’s for sure! It should offer more lower end torque too. Tomorrow, hopefully I will roll the guards, delete the rear wiper, and paint the engine cover black and white.

Stick around!

True Cold Air

Ok, today I decided that I would revise my intake … again.

So off I went with the missus to Just Jap to get some more piping.

I went via Heathcote Rd to get there, and to be honest, the car felt like a complete nugget … it just didn’t want to move, there was no torque to be found what so ever.

Anyway I get home, and start ripping apart the current intake, and there was the problem. The tape I used to attach the 3 inch joiners on the AFM slipped off and blocked half of the intake up! This would explain the lack of acceleration the car had in the higher gears.

If you’re wondering where I am getting cold air from, look below.

The enclosed air filter is attached to that intake ducting shown above, and the air is grasped from the front bumper, see below.

Seeing I still don’t have an angle grinder, I found it fitting to give Adan a call to get this pipe cut to size!

A few minutes later, it was waiting to dry.

Check the clearances again, and piece it together!

And the end result is below!

And there you have it, a great CAI setup with no cutting/drilling. However, you would need to have no A/C or PS to run the same setup shown, this wouldn’t be a problem for some NA guys, but the NB’s may need to do a little more creative thinking if they wish to keep both A/C and PS.

When I get some time (or when I am bothered) I’ll need to modify the splash tray to fit the ducting through, but in the mean time it’s fine as is.

Hopefully this setup will stay for a while, I’ve been through enough already!

Still Painting…

Just a quick snap of the last of the painted pieces. I repainted the upper intake manifold too.

I dropped off the cam cover off at Craved Coatings today, Chris should have it completed within a week.

Not Much To It

Another working week has begun, the Roadster still remains untouched at DTR, But regardless I still went down and had a look at the progress.

The lower intake manifold is complete and as I thought, the colour/texture doesn’t match the top part of the manifold. So in the Micra it went, along with the timing cover, coolant sender adaptor, and engine cover.

The engine bay now looks like this … wires everywhere and barely any engine left.

After removing the timing cover i noticed coolant on the timing belt. Looks like we will need to strip the engine further to find, and rectify the problem.

The engine cover is to be dropped off at my Craved Coatings on thursday, colours will remain a secret for now.

Thats it really, more to come so stick around.

Stripping It Down

Not much to update on over the past few days.

Adan came around and fixed the De-cat pipe. I managed to correctly install the short shifter, and Anth continued ripping parts off the engine for me to paint.

The part of choice was the lower intake manifold. I used a different paint to what I did with the upper manifold. This time I used VHT Flame Proof Engine Enamel. The quality difference in paint was quite amazing, I think I may need to repaint the upper manifold to match.

The next few days, I believe Anth will be working on the wiring of the engine, and transmission.

Stay tuned.