Go Shorty …

Urgh, Back to work today, And what a shocker I had. The only good thing about going to work was receiving some packages from the post, Which contained my Barchetta shorty console and OEM hardtop bolts. I wasted no time to get them installed.

The Barchetta shorty console is a great quality piece, However, Upon installation I did need elongate the mounting holes slightly in order to fit the screws in, Other then that installation was, well perfect. This shorty frees up so much room too, Which I think is a good thing.

The OEM hardtop bolts were piss easy to install (As you’d imagine), Having these bolts installed means I can now rock the hardtop! I’ll have a taste of what it’s like when I drive to work in the morning, But even just sitting in the cabin, I felt like I was in a much bigger car. The car is in desperate need of a wash, So I’ll get onto that soon, Oh and I need some new, Grippy front tyres.

Stay tuned!


Falling Into Place

So today the boys reassembled the new engine, Fitting it with a gates high performance belt, Mahura thermostat and other little goodies, And it now rests in its new home. Earlier today I dropped off the newly acquired 6 speed at the shop too (Which I thank a forum member for sourcing it). All I need to do now is sort out the oils, I’ve decided to give Royal Purple 10-40W a whirl on the engine, And I think I’ll stick to Redline’s shock proof light weight gear oil for the gearbox for the time being.

Last night, I finally scored myself a OEM hardtop. I’ve missed out on quite a few of them lately and I have been wanting one for quite a while as the soft top is starting to look a little worn. It’s currently classic red in colour, So a colour change is on the cards within the next fort night.

There’s still some bits and bobs that needed to be fitted to the engine, And Anthony still needs to reroute the wiring looms and fit up the oil cooler. So we are looking are looking at early next week for the car to be complete.

Stick around.

OEM Side Skirts On Ebay

My OEM side skirts are now on Ebay at a stupid starting price!


Happy bidding!