Touch That Shit Up


Well yesterday I decided to get to work on the K11 intake, the previous owner had sprayed the original red piping, black … and unfortunately, He didn’t do a very good job. So out came the sand paper, wax and grease, and my favorite rattle can … VHT Engine Enamel – Flat Black. However, that’s not all I decided to paint.

I’ve been meaning to get rid of this shitty fake carbon look for quite a while now, and I finally came around to doing so.

Skip into the night, and a few minutes later everything was painted and ready to dry.

I left it overnight as is. Then today, as soon as I woke up, I went to have a look how everything went. It seemed to come out pretty good, so I mounted the parts back onto the cars.

The mirrors look a thousand times better now!

This was the first time I fitted the intake to the Panda, it looks stacks better than the filter mounted directly on the throttle body that’s for sure! It should offer more lower end torque too. Tomorrow, hopefully I will roll the guards, delete the rear wiper, and paint the engine cover black and white.

Stick around!