How To Paint A Hardtop – DIY Style

Yesterday, John and I got cracking on my hardtop. So it went a little like this, This hardtop started off in a glossy red.

We got to work masking the seals and window before wet sanding with 800 grit paper.

After we were happy with the finish, We cleaned the hard top with wax and grease remover thoroughly and stripped the masking tape. We then re-applied some fresh masking tape.

This is halfway through painting the hardtop, You can see John getting all the little dust particles off the wet paint with a toothpick.

A few coats later, This is the finished result.

Here’s what it looks like on the car.

It took us about 4 hours from start to finish, We used only one sheet of wet/dry 800 grit sand paper, And four cans of Dulux flat white exterior paint. We used other things like tarps and masks to avoid overspray and inhaling toxic fumes from the paint. I’m going to let the paint harden then  I’ll wax it to seal the paint. Take your time with masking and sanding, The finish is all in the prep work!

I’m still waiting on my hardtop bolts before I can rock it permanently. Once they arrive ( Or I find some locally) I’ll strip the soft top.


It’s Back!

That’s right! The car is out of Dahtone Racing’s workshop, And boy does it go good! The engine runs silky smooth, Doesn’t blow smoke, And really hammers! It’s everything I asked for. The 6 speed makes a massive difference with gearing too, Paired up with my 4.1 diff it has super short ratios which improve acceleration dramatically. So anyway, I fitted the hardtop to see if it actually worked with my cage … Thankfully it does! It looks funny red though, So Kelly came around and let me try his hard top. Thanks again bro!

So next step is painting my hardtop, Stick around for that!

Ready To Roll …

Well, Almost ready to roll. I went past Dahtone HQ on the way home from work, And it doesn’t look like much is left. I really can’t wait to drive it, Very curious to see how it performs with a manual engine and 6 speed!

In The Build – All Out NA

I spotted this build thread on CR and The owner hasn’t held back at all, He’s built the motor, widened the guards, full cage and beefed up the transmission. Check it out here.

Things Will Be Changing

Within a few months time (hopefully) things will be changing, I will be redesigning the blog and running it on its own host. I’ll be allowing slots for vendors to advertise their goods and a new theme will be designed. As you might have noticed the “” domain isn’t currently working, That is because I am currently changing hosts. So for now, Just stick to viewing RoadsterGarage via WordPress (

As I’m sure you’ve seen the lack of ROTW’s lately, Well for the time being I am phasing it out until the new design is up and running. That being said, I am in desperate need for ROTW submissions, If you want to see your car on RoadsterGarage, Then send me an email.

I’m hoping that after I’ve upgraded the blog, I’ll be able to expand it, And create a better place for Roadster enthusiasts to visit.

I apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused, And I thank you for all your support.


Garage Vary NB

These are the only pictures I’ve found of it, I don’t know what its set up for, Or what half the parts are on the car! Can anyone shed some light on this beast?

Front Bumper Hybrid In Production

Autokonexion are currently designing a new front bumper for the NA series Roadster. It consists of a NA bumper, And an NC bumper grafted together. Yep, sounds odd but it’s looking quite promising!  Check out the thread going on at here.