On It’s Way

So today I started painting the sideskirts, But I ran into a few issues. The spray can started to leak and caused a lot of drip marks on the sideskirts, Shortly after that, the paint started to fog up and was looking rather frosty. I was pretty pissed off to say the least. So I dropped everything, Cooled down for a little and headed over to Peps to get some more paint. Turns out the supplier had labeled the cans wrong, So with my acrylic paint, I had enamel thinners matched with it. Peps were more than happy to supply me with 2 new cans for free, And I bought another can for good measure.

So anyway, I managed to get the front bumper painted and cleared, And the skirts have been sanded back, Ready for a repaint. Hopefully I’ll have time to finish off the skirts this weekend.

In other news, I scored a free set of Bridgestone tyres … Awesome!


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