True Cold Air

Ok, today I decided that I would revise my intake … again.

So off I went with the missus to Just Jap to get some more piping.

I went via Heathcote Rd to get there, and to be honest, the car felt like a complete nugget … it just didn’t want to move, there was no torque to be found what so ever.

Anyway I get home, and start ripping apart the current intake, and there was the problem. The tape I used to attach the 3 inch joiners on the AFM slipped off and blocked half of the intake up! This would explain the lack of acceleration the car had in the higher gears.

If you’re wondering where I am getting cold air from, look below.

The enclosed air filter is attached to that intake ducting shown above, and the air is grasped from the front bumper, see below.

Seeing I still don’t have an angle grinder, I found it fitting to give Adan a call to get this pipe cut to size!

A few minutes later, it was waiting to dry.

Check the clearances again, and piece it together!

And the end result is below!

And there you have it, a great CAI setup with no cutting/drilling. However, you would need to have no A/C or PS to run the same setup shown, this wouldn’t be a problem for some NA guys, but the NB’s may need to do a little more creative thinking if they wish to keep both A/C and PS.

When I get some time (or when I am bothered) I’ll need to modify the splash tray to fit the ducting through, but in the mean time it’s fine as is.

Hopefully this setup will stay for a while, I’ve been through enough already!


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