New Intake Setup

I bought a inclosed carbon intake last month for my daily driver, unfortunately it didn’t work out well so I put it up for sale.

Then i thought about it, and figured I could use it on the MX-5. Deciding where it would go, proved to me another challenge all together.

I wanted it as far away as possible from the extractors, and somewhere it could obtain cold air from Via headlight Removal. I ended up coming to the conclusion of running it as a short type setup, running towards the passenger side of the engine bay.

So i went on the hunt for a nice 3 inch 90 degree bend, and i just happened to be at JustJap at the time (they sell them for $20 each), so i took the chance and bought it.

Knowing it would be too long for my application, I gave Adan a ring to see if he could cut it down for me (I really need to fix my angle grinder!). Success! everything will work out perfect.

Below is a picture of how the intake currently sits,We still need to trim part of the piping still so the carbon inclosure can rest further away from the radiator.

“Your intake is running straight into the power steering reservoir”, I know, I will be removing my Power steering from the MX-5, i have grown to love the feel of a car without power steering, I jump into the MX-5 and it feels almost lifeless due to me being so used to muscling the car around corners. Its also another thing i wont need to worry about at the track, it will free the engine a little bit, and save weight.

Here are some pictures of the intake alone, If you want to run a bigger intake on your MX-5/Miata, try getting some electrical duck tape and wrapping it tightly around the pipe work/AFM etc. That way, you will not need to run a reducer from the AFM to the piping.

To top it off, i have ordered a BPI Velocity/Flow stack to go on the end of the intake, this should help with velocity and flow.

The engine bay needs a bit of a touch up, i think i will go with a black and blue scheme, that shinny pipe will be painted black once complete.

I would love to get a dyno comparsion of this intake and a stock setup, i’ll be sure to post it when i do.


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